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Do Softer Golf Balls Go Farther? Best Golf Ball for Distance

Like many sports, there are a lot of different types of equipment to choose from when it comes to golf. It can be challenging to know which type of golf ball will go the greatest distance. So, do softer golf balls go farther?

When a golf ball is softer, it can go further than a golf ball that is firmer. This is a result of their lower compression rating which allows the ball to take less club speed for it to go a further distance. Using different golf clubs can increase the distance of these softer golf balls.

There are many factors to consider when selecting the best golf ball for your next match. After doing research, information has been compiled that can help you find the ball needed to win your next golf match.

Going Distances With Softer Golf Balls

For most golfers, using soft golf balls can allow the player to gain the most distance from the tee. These golf balls are able to gain more distance while requiring a lower swing speed. This makes using soft golf balls helpful to individuals who do not have a high swing speed.

Softer golf balls tend to be easier for golfers to control. With this control, the golfers are able to use the spin of the ball as an advantage to get the ball to travel further.

  • A lower compression rating is a result of a golf ball being softer.
  • If a golf ball had a higher compression rating, it would be a lot harder than a soft one.
  • Having a lower compression rating allows the ball to compress more energy which causes the ball to go further.

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Best Type of Golf Ball for Distance

There are a lot of different types of golf balls that can be good for traveling distances on the golf course.

Which golf ball works best is determined by an individual’s experience with golf as well as the type of club that is being used. For most golfers using a softer golf ball goes the furthest distance regardless of their experience.

A popular soft golf ball used by many players of different skill levels is the Srixon Distance Golf Ball (link to Amazon). This ball allows golfers of various experiences to more easily hit the ball a further distance than other golf balls.

This specific golf ball is able to obtain a higher launch angle which results in the ball traveling a further distance. (source)

Soft Golf Balls

There are some cons to using soft golf balls. These golf balls are more likely to begin spinning as a result of how they are hit by the clubs. In some cases, the spinning can cause the golf ball to lose its distance. However, soft golf balls are very friendly and easy for golfers of all experience levels to use.

Soft golf balls are more expensive than hard golf balls.

Parts of the Golf Course

When playing golf, the ball starts at the tee. This is always the case for each of the different courses. After hitting the ball from the tee, there are two places the golf ball can land.

  • The area with the longer grass on the course is referred to as the fairway.
  • The area with the shorter grass is referred to as the green.
  • The green is the closest portion of the course to the hole.

On a golf course, there are tricky spots such as patches of sand, water, and long grass. These parts of the course can take some skill and patience to get the golf ball out of them. There are specific golf clubs to use during these tricky spots to help move the golf ball to a less tricky spot.

Other Factors That Can Affect the Distance of a Golf Ball

One factor that can affect the distance a golf ball goes is the type of club that is being used. Which golf club will be most useful for going the furthest depends on which part of the course the ball is located.

  • At the tee, it is best to use the driver to drive the ball down the course as far as possible.
  • The next part of the course is the fairway, and the recommended club for this portion is your irons.
  • The distance between the golf ball and the hole determines which iron (1-9) would be used.
  • The wedges are used to get the golf ball out of tricky spots on the course such as long grass and sand.

The wind is another factor to consider when golfing. If the wind is blowing in the direction the ball is going, it can work in your favor allowing the ball to go further than if there was no wind. However, if the wind is blowing in the opposite direction then you need your ball to go, this can result in the ball heading in the opposing direction.

The altitude or elevation of a golf course can impact the distance in which a golf ball travels. Courses that are higher than sea level typically allow golf balls to travel further than a golf course that is at sea level. (source)

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When to Use Hard Golf Balls

Hard golf balls are typically used by individuals who have a lot of experience with golf. These golf balls require a greater swing speed than the softer golf balls which is not something that many people are able to do.

Without being able to reach the high speeds needed to drive a hard golf ball a great distance, it can be challenging to golf with these balls.

Harder golf balls are less likely to have spinning which is something that can decrease the distance a ball can travel. However, for most golfers, it is still best to use softer golf balls and risk experiencing spinning that using hard balls but being unable to drive the ball a far distance.

For someone who loses many balls while golfing, it is worth considering sticking to hard golf balls considering they are less expensive than soft ones.

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