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Can You Putt With a Hybrid or a 3-Wood?

Imagine you’re getting on the putting green, and you are about to pull out a golf club, but you are unsure of what club to choose. Can you putt with a hybrid or 3-wood?

Putting can be done with any club, including a hybrid or a 3-wood. Putting with a hybrid or a 3-wood will decrease accuracy on the putting green, but it’s possible. Putting with a hybrid gives more control and trajectory while putting with a 3-wood allows height over putting greens by a hill.

Want to know exactly how to putt with these clubs? Keep reading because we know how exactly you can golf using one of these clubs!

Putting With a Hybrid

What is a Hybrid Golf Club?

A Hybrid golf club is a mix between an iron and a fairway wood. This mixture creates what some would say is the perfect golf club. Hybrids are best for longer approach shots because they provide a longer distance shot that is more accurate than other clubs.

Hybrids offer more weight that slows the head of the club while increasing the force to the ball. It has sharper front edges which allow the club to get over long grass.

And it gives more accurate shots by having better club control. This club is great for those who aren’t as experienced because it helps give an accurate, clean shot.

Why Choose Hybrid Club Over Putter?

Hybrids are usually used to prove more of an accurate exact shot, and that is when you would want to use a hybrid over a putter. In the video below, the man explains that you may want to use a hybrid instead of a putter when you are getting closer to the hole, but there is somewhat of a hill or grass growing inwards towards the ball, especially longer grass.

The hybrid would allow the ball to sort of jump over the grass while still giving you an accurate shot!

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Putting With A 3-Wood

What is a 3-Wood Golf Club?

A 3-wood golf club is a great, versatile club that can be used for many different things. The 3-wood gives you more backspin during the shot, and more control and accuracy for your shot as well.

3-woods are some of the most popular golf clubs because they offer a variety of different things and you can use them for a variety of different shots. (source)

Why Choose a 3-Wood Over A Putter?

You may want to choose a 3-wood over a putter because it allows for a more accurate shot. But, using the 3-wood on the green has to be done right if you want to do it well. Justin Rose, an English golfer, used a 3-wood and got an amazing shot. (source)

He chose the 3-wood on the green because it was sitting up in the rough and was a high-pressure situation. It works exactly the same as if it were a putter, but it helps get your ball out of tough situations like that.

Choose a 3-wood over a putter if you are in a situation similar to Justin Rose’s. It might just be the perfect club for you!

Comparing a Putter to a Hybrid or 3-Wood

Putter Vs Hybrid

The putter and the hybrid are both very different golf clubs, but still get the job done. It’s important to know the differences between the two so you can confidently choose which one you want to use. Putters are clubs that are usually used on the green for slow, short distances. They are usually used at the green to get that slow, accurate shot towards the hole.

While putters are used for short distances, hybrids are usually used for longer distances, where you want a certain trajectory or to help get the ball away from tall grass growing inwards from your ball.

Use a hybrid when you want to maneuver over tall grass or longer shots. It can be used for putting as well if the situation allows it!

Putter Vs 3-wood

Again, just to remind you, putters are typically used for short distances where the player wants an accurate shot towards the hole on the green.

3-woods are best to use when you are in the “rough,” or similar situations. When the ground is hard and the grass is shorter or gone, that is the best time to use the 3-wood as well. Use the 3-wood for putting when you are in the rough on the green.

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Differences Between Clubheads

Something that might help you choose between using a hybrid vs a 3-wood is the weight of the clubhead. The weight of the clubhead might help you hit your ball further or get more control.

The head of the hybrid, on average, weighs about 227.5 grams or 0.5 pounds, while a 3-wood weighs about 190 grams or .42 pounds. (source)

You may want to use a lighter head like the 3-wood when wanting to get the ball in the air, and consistent distances.

If you plan on hitting the ball further distances, and when you want a lower ball trajectory with more accuracy the weight of the clubhead could make or break your gold game experience. It could help you do better, especially if you are new to the golf game.

How to Improve Your Golf Game

Are you wondering how all this transfers back to you and real life? Well, if you want to improve your gold game skills, it is important to know the different situations where you may want or need to use different golf clubs like hybrids and 3-woods.

If you happen to get in the rough on the green when you are about to win, you need to be aware that you should definitely use your 3-wood golf club instead of a putter. And if you are on the green and the grass is longer and getting in your way of a good shot, use your hybrid!

Good knowledge of golf and the clubs in your bag will help you be a much better player, and will help you enjoy the game!

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