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Golf Club Selection Guide, the Clubs You’ll Need to Golf

Choosing the right type of golf club can be very intimidating for a beginner. They all have different purposes and change how you golf. Selecting the best golf club can make all the difference in your game.

The average golfer will carry the normal amount of 12 clubs in their bag. These 12 clubs should include the driver and putter, 3-9 iron, a pitching wedge, and some fairway woods. The rest of the clubs are up to the player since every golfer has their own preference.

However, there are different types of golf clubs than the more popular options to choose from. Continue reading to learn about which golf clubs you should buy to help you play golf successfully.

Types of Golf Clubs

If you are anything like me, you were very overwhelmed when you first learned about all the different types of golf clubs. I knew that there were different sizes, but I wasn’t sure what the reason for it was. However, once I learned which golf clubs worked best for me and what purpose each of them served, I learned to take advantage of all the different types of clubs.

What Are Woods Golf Clubs?

Wood golf clubs used to be made out of actual wood, but they are now made out of titanium or steel, allowing them to be powerful without getting too heavy. Woods are used for long distances, since they have the biggest and roundest clubheads of all the golf clubs, allowing you to swing the golf ball farther.

The bigger the clubhead, the more control you have over the ball.

  • They are used for ranges longer than 200 yards.
  • Even though they are more powerful, they are hollow, making them lightweight and easy to use.
  • There are two types of woods, the driver and fairway wood.

First, you have the driver. The driver is essential to any game of golf. It falls under the category of woods and is known as a 1-wood. It is the first club used to move the golf ball as close to the green as possible within the first swing.

It is the longest golf club with the biggest head, which is why it is used for the first contact with the golf ball, it has the most power. For the first hit, place the ball on a tee, so that the driver hits the ball just at the right spot for the highest projection.

Fairway Woods are not as big as the driver, with a smaller head and shorter shaft. They still have a rounder head than other golf clubs.

Fairway woods are also used within the first few stores of the game since they can make the golf balls go a longer distance. They can be used with or without a tee, but be careful to make the tee not too tall or the ball could go a lot higher than you need it to.

What Are Iron Golf Clubs?

Iron golf clubs are used for distances shorter than 200 yards of the green, with the intention of getting the ball to the green. There are several different types of irons, numbered 3-9 iron. Since there are seven different irons, golfers have mostly iron golf clubs in their bags.

They are harder to use since they tend to make the ball bounce if you don’t hit it just right. Their club heads are smaller and thinner than woods and can be hollow or solid.

You may be wondering, what is the difference between all of the irons and why are there so many? Even though they fall into the same category, each iron golf club has its own distance, ranging from 200 to 140 yards.

As players get more advanced, they learn which iron golf club will get them closer to their goal, the green.

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What Are Hybrid Golf Clubs?

Just as it sounds, hybrids are a cross between two types of golf clubs, woods, and irons. Hybrids are the newest type of golf club and a great option for those who love the benefits of woods and irons and can’t decide between the two for a certain stroke in the game.

Hybrids take the benefits of both woods and irons and combine them for a whole new type of golf club. They have bigger heads and high trajectory like woods but have shorter shafts like irons. Hybrids will usually replace a golfer’s 3-iron or 4-iron golf club.

Hybrids are also great for beginners since they make it easy to hit the ball and leave room for inaccuracy.

What Are Wedges Golf Clubs?

Wedges are similar to irons as they are used for smaller distances, and there are four different kinds to choose from. A pitching wedge is the most important. Golfers use them for approach and chip shots, and distances between 50 and 120 yards, with little bounce in the ball upon contact.

Sand Wedges have a lot of lofts, allowing you to get the ball higher in the air. This helps when your ball gets stuck in actual sand, along with fairway or rough shots.

  • A good balance between the pitching and sand wedge is the gap wedge.
  • It gets its name because it closes the gap between the pitching and sand wedge.
  • They have more loft than the pitching wedge but don’t need as much power as the sand wedge.

If Sand wedges don’t have enough loft to get your ball out of a tight space then the Lob Wedge has the most loft out of all the wedges. As you can see, each wedge has its own unique purpose once you get closer to the green.

What Is A Putter Golf Club?

Putters are used at the very end of the game, so they are the most important club. Make sure to choose one that fits your size and is comfortable to use. You will be using it a lot more than you think.

There are several different shapes and sizes of the putter club head, but all that matters is that it can get your ball into the hole. It has a flatter surface because the goal is to move the ball a small distance, not swing it off of the ground.

As you can see, there are so many different golf clubs. They have different shapes, sizes, and purposes. Some make the all go a long distance, and some just a few yards. As you play the game more, over time you will know exactly which club to use for each stroke. (Source)

How Many Golf Clubs Should the Average Player Have for a Game?

The max amount of clubs you can have on hand for a game is 14 clubs, but not all 14 clubs are needed. Average players carry the essential 12 and sometimes use the extra two spots for specialty golf clubs. All golf clubs have value, so you want to bring at least one of every kind.

We recommend both kinds of wood, the driver, and several fairways, along with all of the irons, 3-iron all the way to 9-iron. You can bring more than one wedge, but at least one pitching wedge. Lastly, your trusty old putter to get the golf ball in the hole. Hybrids aren’t used commonly, but they are great for beginners. 12 golf clubs are plenty for a game.

Best Golf Clubs for Beginners

Beginners do not need as many golf clubs since they are getting the hang of everything. No need to overwhelm them with so many different clubs to choose from.

It’s a good idea to bring a driver and putter, some woods, and only a few irons, not all of them. Beginner golfers will not be able to tell the difference between let’s say a 6-iron or a 7-iron, so leave some at home and bring the odd-numbered iron clubs.

This way they can get a feel for using irons since they are harder to use. When using irons you need to be very accurate, so it takes a lot of practice. For the woods, use a 3-wood and 5-wood club, which are usually categorized as fairways.

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Hybrids are also great for beginners, so if you want, throw one of those into the mix. With all of these clubs, you will end up with half to two-thirds of a normal set, which is plenty for a beginner.

It’s all about learning the game, not trying to use every club possible. Having fewer clubs lightens the weight of the beginners club bag as well. (Source)

Best Golf Clubs for Advanced Players

Even if you choose the types of golf clubs you need, there are still so many different kinds of each type. Each brand makes the clubs feel and look different with different materials and sizes. It’s important to choose the right set for you, by testing out several different sets of golf clubs.

When you are a beginner you are still figuring all of this out, but once you become advanced you know exactly what clubs you need for each moment of the game.

Golf clubs make or break a game, so they are very specific with what gold clubs they choose from and purchase.

  • For each club, they want to find just the right balance of each.
  • When choosing an iron, go with a playing iron.
  • They have less offset, allowing you to be more accurate in moving the ball in certain directions.
  • Drivers should have less loft and enough shaft for their individual speed.

Fairway woods need to be a 3-wood, along with a 2-hybrid. These create the perfect combination of long shots and soft landings. Wedges need to have just the right amount of loft. Some players get custom-made golf clubs, to perfectly match their playing style. (Source)

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Best Golf Clubs for Women

It is well known that golf has been a male-dominated sport for quite some time now, but women like playing golf as well. Sometimes they prefer different golf clubs than men. Women’s golf clubs are designed differently to fit their own strengths and weaknesses.

Men have longer arms and naturally bigger muscles, so women’s golf clubs are smaller and weigh less, allowing women to still have a fast swing.

Irons are the hardest golf clubs to control, so women should select lighter iron golf clubs. This allows them to have faster speed at the head of the club, producing an accurate swing.

Wood clubs should be lighter, with more weight concentrated at the perimeter of the club, like a 7-wood or 9-wood. Women find that when they purchase lighter-weight clubs they are easier to use and don’t ruin their game. (Source)

Best Golf Club Brands

There are so many golf club brands to choose from, with new designs and styles coming out every year. How do you choose? A lot of golf players learn what they like in the first few years and will stick to certain brands for several years. There are high-quality expensive brands, and average quality brands as well. There is something for everybody’s taste and budget.

Some of the best brands are Cobra, Callaway, and Wilson. Each of these brands has different sets for each budget, with different quality coming from each type of club.

Find the Best Golf Club Brands Here on Amazon. I recommend Callaway Strata, PXG and Wilson.

The Cobra Fly XL is a great price for beginners, with plenty of clubs to choose from. The Cobra F-Max Complete Set is great for players who are more experienced. This set has more than a full set of lightweight clubs, allowing you to be more accurate with your swings.

The Callaway Edge is great for those who are on a budget but still want high-quality golf clubs. This set has both of those. The golf clubs from this set are suited for players who have a faster swing.

The Callaway Strata Complete Set is for beginners who still want a wide range of high-quality clubs to choose from. Wilson sets are for those who are on a budget and at a beginner’s level. There are options for every budget and level of skill. (Source)

There you have it! A complete guide on golf clubs. From what kinds of golf clubs to use throughout the game, to what brands to choose from, we hope this helps when it comes to buying your new set.

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