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Do Golf Courses have Dress Codes? Common Golf Attire

For beginner golfers, it can be intimidating not knowing what is the appropriate attire for the golf course. Not knowing which items of clothing are required for an individual to play at a golf course can be challenging. So, do golf courses have dress codes?

Golf courses have dress codes. The dress code can differ depending on the type of golf course, but each course has a universally accepted outfit. A new golfer can wear the default and universally accepted golfing outfit before they learn what type of clothing is accepted at their specific course.

There are many things to know when deciding what type of clothing to wear to a golf course. Obtaining all this information can be challenging. After doing research, the following compilation of helpful tips has been compiled.

The Universal Golf Dress Code

No matter what golf course your next match is at, certain types of clothing are not accepted. Individuals who wear sweatpants, jeans, or yoga pants will not be allowed to enter the golf course. These items of clothing have been deemed inappropriate for the setting of a golf course.

It is important to look modest and dress business casual at the golf course.

Shorts being worn should reach at least fingertip length, but should not be longer than the knee. It is important not to wear something that is too bold. If your top is a bold color, stick to a neutral-colored pair of pants.

Common Golf Attire

There are some outfits that are extremely common throughout the gulf course. This includes khaki pants and shorts paired with collared shirts for men. Women can either wear khakis pants, shorts, skorts, or skirts. Women typically pair their bottoms with a collared shirt following the same guidelines as men.

It is important for women to make sure their shorts and skirts reach finger length to ensure they are not too short. Solid colors are something that will be seen frequently when you go to various golf courses. Most golfers like to avoid wearing things that could be bold or be too eye-catching. (Source)

It is important to wear the right shoes when golfing.

Golfing shoes are the preferred type of shoes to be worn while golfing. These shoes typically have either rubber or plastic bottoms. It is important to avoid shoes that have metal spikes because these can tear up the grass causing damage to the golf course.

  • It is important to avoid wearing long dangling jewelry.
  • Dangling earrings and longs necklaces are at risk of getting caught while golfing which can result in injury.
  • Jewelry should be simple and dainty.
  • Earrings should be studs rather than dangling or hoops.
  • Necklaces should have short chains.
  • It is important to follow these guidelines in order to avoid potential injuries.

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Change in Accepted Golf Attire Through the Years

While many would consider today’s golf attire as formal and professional, it is more casual compared to the expected attire worn to play golf in the past.

In the past, men were expected to wear ties, vests, and slacks while golfing. While these were commonly worn, they were not very light and often were made of wool, which could cause the players to overheat when the weather was warm.

During this time period, men typically headed to play golf after getting off of work, meaning they often attended the golf courses in the outfits they had worn to the office previously that day. (Source)

Today, the typical golfing outfit is casual. Men are not anticipated to wear ties or anything of that nature. Men are expected to wear khaki pants and polo shirts, which have been deemed business casual in most workplaces.

Most men do not go from their office jobs straight to the golf course, so there is no need to go in the business professional outfits that are required for certain occupations.

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Different Types of Golf Courses

There is more than one type of golf course. A links course is the type of course that most people are familiar with. These courses include sandy patches and water. There are areas of grassy hills, as well as somewhat flatlands.

The next type, of course, is the parkland course. These are built mostly built inland in areas that are far away from bodies of water. These courses are filled with lush green grass and trees are seen lining the courses.

Heartland golf courses are similar to parkland courses, but are more open. There are trees lining the course, but there are more areas of open land among the course. Like parkland courses, this type, of course, is built inland.

A sandbelt course is filled with a lot of sandy soil. This type of golf course is not very common within the United States but can be seen in places like Australia.

The stadium/championship courses are designed specifically to host tournaments. These courses offer players a challenge that can be seen at many country clubs.

The final type of golf course is the 3-par course. This course is typically a lot smaller than other courses which makes it extremely beginner-friendly. These courses are not as challenging as other courses and offer a place for beginner golfers to learn the rules of the game. (Source)

Accepted Attire at Different Golf Courses

It is important to know the appropriate attire for the specific location in which you are playing golf.

Asking an employee what clothing is allowed is an easy way to ensure that you are always dressed in a way that will allow you to play golf.

Depending on the layout and climate of the course, it is important to make sure you bring appropriate accessories. Sunglasses and a sun-visor are recommended for sunny days. It is important to be able to block the sun out from obscuring your view.

On chilly and windy days, it is important to bring a light jacket to make sure you are comfortable while working your way through the eighteen holes of a golf course.

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