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Will Movers Move Swing Sets? Or Move Swings Yourself

Parting ways with your swing set might just not be something you (or your children) are willing to do. So, with a big move coming up ahead of you, you are likely wondering how on earth you will move the swing set that has become so memorable for your family.

Professional movers will not only move the swing set but often offer disassembly and installation upon the move. Costs are highly variable ranging from $100-$1,000 depending on the size of the swing set. Most swing sets cost around $200-$300 to move.

You are likely wondering whether or not having professional movers move your swing set is worth the cost. Truth be told, this is a highly personal decision. But, with the right insight into the situation, hopefully, you will be able to make the decision that is right for you and your family.

Continue reading to learn more about moving your swing set via professional movers or yourself.

Will Professional Movers Move a Swing Set?

If you have never worked with professional movers before, then you might only know the hearsay about what local companies can offer you. Perhaps you find that there are raving reviews. Or, perhaps this is definitely not the case and you find that professional movers in your area struggle to get the job done. Either way, you are not hoping to be the one to move your swing set.

Fortunately, most professional moving companies will move swing sets. But, there are often conditional requirements that will be associated with the cost of the move. Some professional movers will disassemble and reinstall the swing set for you (at cost) while others require you to disassemble it yourself.

Here’s a quick video of an actual moving company moving a swing set for someone to give you an idea of what it looks like.

More often than not, moving companies are not going to be able to charge a flat rate because swing sets and at-home playgrounds vary so much in their size, dimensions, and respective assembly and disassembly requirements.

  • Because of this, most professional moving companies will come out to provide an estimate on what it will cost to move the swing set, or you will be asked to send pictures of the structure.
  • You will also likely find that the swing set has to be reviewed for the condition that it is in.
  • Due to liability and hazards, professional movers have the right to refuse to move your swing set if it is in too poor of condition.

This could be the case if the wood is rotten or if there are too many broken parts that could result in the injury of a mover or the damage of the property. The company will not want to put itself at risk by moving your swing set when it is not a steady structure.

On another note, the company might charge significantly higher rates for your luxury swing set versus a standard A-frame swing set with two swings and a slide as an example. So, estimating the cost will be highly variable from swing set to swing set.

Along with this, the requirements for each company are not all the same.

  • You might find that some companies will offer to disassemble the parts at a cost, or this cost might be lumped into the entire moving package.
  • Or, perhaps the swing set will be able to be moved without having to disassemble the whole thing.
  • The entire situation can vary from company to company depending on the logistics of the move and the size of the swing set.

How Much Does it Cost to Move a Swing Set?

There are many associated costs in moving a swing set, but they might be worth it to you if the structure is something that you and your children are not willing to part with or if the piece cost a high amount to begin with. Keep in mind that swing sets vary greatly, so the costs will be determined based on the size of the swing set as well as a few other factors.

It can cost between $100-$1,000 for professional movers to move a swing set depending on the size of the set. Typically, costs are lumped in with moving costs of the entire house and can be negotiated with agreements on disassembly and installation. Other associated costs include replacement of lost or broken parts, storage during the move, and more.

Here’s an average cost you can expect to pay to move a swing set, assuming nothing gets broken and you don’t need storage.

Swing Set SizeAverage Cost
2 swings, 1 slide
$100 – $250
2-3 swings, 2 add-ons
$180 – $300
$250 – $450
3 swings, multi-level

All in all, determining the exact cost of moving your swing set will likely require an estimate from a local moving company. And, if you are moving across the country, you may have to find reputable professional movers in the area that you are moving from and moving to if there is not a company that is available in both locations (or if the movers do not travel with you).

This can add a few hiccups in the disassembly and installation process as following the assembly instructions can be rather difficult when the parts are all displaced. Here, it will be important to keep track of the parts and labeling yourself as you help the movers.

Lost or Broken Parts

If you have to replace any lost or broken parts of the swing set, this will of course add to your overall cost of moving the swing set. You might find that the swing set is not high enough in value to pay to have professionally moved. But, if the set cost you more than you will have to pay to move it, then it might be worth it.

Just be sure to take note of anything that was broken or missing during each stage of the moving process.

While most companies will protect themselves and rule out their responsibility in the event of loss or damage to any parts of the swing set, some companies will take the fall and replace the parts themselves. The second option is less typical, so be sure to add in these costs if necessary.

We’ve had movers break some furniture before, but they covered the cost after the move. Take pictures of your set before and after to help with your case.

Storage Costs

Finally, if you are in the middle of closing on your new home and you do not yet have ownership of the land, then you will need to pay to have your swing set stored (along with your other belongings). While this might not seem like too big of a deal, a swing set is a large structure that could require a large amount of storage space.

  • You may find that the moving costs are worth it to you (and your begging children) to be able to bring along the beloved family swing set.
  • Or, you might find that all of the costs are not worth it and you would rather just replace the swing set with a new and exciting model as a treat for your children in your new place.

If you decide moving your swing set will just cost too much to keep it.

How Do You Move a Swing Set Yourself?

If you are deciding to go the less expensive route and want to move the swing set yourself, then you are in for quite a ride. Moving a swing set- especially a larger, luxury model- can be quite a feat. But, it is not insurmountable and has been done by plenty of others before you.

Here’s a quick video showing a large swing set move in action:

To move a swing set, consider the following steps:

Inspect the swing set before disassembly begins

Be sure to take a good look over your entire swing set to make a note of any damaged parts or structures that need to be replaced upon your arrival at your new home. Take note of how the structure is put together and how you plan to reassemble the swing set once the move is completed.

If you have not already considered it, then now is a great time to stain/seal the swing set if necessary. While you are already inspecting and preparing the structure, doing this will help to ensure the longevity of your swing set as well as avoid the hassle once you move.

Check out our How To Stain A Swing Set article for a step by step guide on the process.

Label all parts of the swing set in an instructional guide

If you do not have your owner’s manual, then it is best to create your own. Be sure to label all of the parts either with tags or another system so that each component goes together. Consider fastening associated bolts and screws to the pieces of the set that they belong with.

Not doing this has cost us a huge headache, I highly recommend at least separating which bolts go to which part.

Replace any damaged or missing parts

If there are any small parts that are missing or damaged, now is a great time to replace them. Doing this before the move will help the assembly process to go seamlessly once you arrive at your new place.

Disassemble the swing set

After all of the parts are labeled and you have a game plan for installation in your new backyard, you can begin to carefully disassemble the swing set. Just be sure to maintain a guide and instructions along the way taking note of anything that catches your attention.

Map out where you would like your swing set placed

Be sure to check that the new backyard has significant enough clearance to place the swing set. Include leveling the ground for the new swing set in your installation process before you begin to reassemble and install the structure in your new backyard.

Check out our How To Level The Ground For A Swing Set article for more info and special tips.

Install a surface below the swing set

There are many options for surfaces to place a swing set on, so be sure to consider which will work in your new backyard. You will want this to be completed before you begin reassembling and installing your swing set.

Assemble the swing set

Once your ground is leveled, you are sure that there is enough clearance, and you find the how-to guide that you either created yourself or found stuffed in a drawer, you are ready to assemble the swing set in your new backyard.

Be sure to enlist the help of a friend, spouse, and older children. Perhaps buy everyone pizza that helps, it’s the right thing to do.

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