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Are Swing Sets Covered By Insurance? What You Need To Know

You have likely put a lot of time, money, and energy into the backyard swing set that provides so much fun for your children. So, it is understandable that you would want your swing set to be protected should anything happen to it (or because of it). This might leave you wondering about insurance.

Swing sets tend to fall in a high-risk category for outdoor property and are not always covered by homeowners insurance. If included, your premium will be at least $200 higher annually. However, coverage for property damage is different than that of personal liability claims.

Of course, this can get a little tricky depending on the situation. If you are looking for answers because your child was injured on your swing set or a neighbor’s swing set, then this information will be different than if you are looking to protect your swing set from damage from a storm.

Continue reading to learn more about the ins and outs of homeowners insurance as it relates to backyard swing sets.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Swing Sets?

Whether you are looking to add a swing set to your backyard, or you already have one installed, you might be wondering how it affects your homeowner’s insurance. Though you do not legally have to report that you own one, it can be to your benefit should anything happen to it or because of it.

Homeowners insurance often does not cover swing sets in terms of property damage, though additional coverage can generally be added.

In terms of injuries and mishaps, homeowners insurance might require you to obtain additional coverage in the form of personal liability coverage, though some policies provide med pay coverage for swing set related injuries.

At the end of the day, you are likely going to have to add more insurance to cover what you are attempting to cover in terms of your swing set. But swing set repairs, replacement, and injuries can all be included in an insurance plan.

If you have children and neighbors who often use your swing set to let out all of their energy, or if you have spent a significant amount of money on purchasing/building your swing set, then adding it to your insurance policy can be well worth the cost.

In our Swing Set Cost and Quality Guide, you’ll see the different price ranges swing sets can go for, some costing over $1000.

Some policies distinguish whether swing sets are covered based on the safety precautions put up around it.

For example, some swing sets are covered by med pay or personal liability coverage through homeowners insurance:

  • If there is a fence up around the swing set
  • If there are guard rails
  • They include certain safety features

Other policies deny swing set coverage in general because of its high-risk association.

Keep in mind though, injuries that are associated with personal liability claims will have to be proven to be the fault of the homeowner if you are claiming an injury on your neighbor’s swing set or playground.

This could already be a difficult conversation to have, so it is best to look into what your own health insurance might cover before looking at their insurance policy and asking them to get involved. Of course, this is highly dependent on your situation.

Regarding property damage, the swing set might have more likelihood of being covered, though it will be highly variable depending on the policy provider’s statutes on outdoor functional pieces.

If covered, it should be covered by a:

  • Personal property clause or “other structures” clause, so be sure to review your policy for those details
  • Limits will apply to surrounding structures, though these would likely cover the amount that your swing set is worth

Of course, to receive the benefits of coverage, you will have to claim this structure on your policy ahead of time. But, you might find that doing this will hike up your premium, so it is best to do the research into what your particular policy provides.

Are Swing Set Accidents Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

While some wonder whether or not a swing set is covered by homeowners insurance in the case of damage, others want to know what happens when a party experiences an accident that results in injury on a swing set. And if the accident happens on a neighbor’s property, who is responsible?

More likely than not, swing set accidents will be covered by med pay coverage which accounts for the medical expenses associated with a swing set accident.

However, for this coverage to be included, you should review your homeowners insurance as this is not always the case. Some insurance policies require you to pay additional on your premium to have this coverage included.

If the accident happens on a neighbor’s property, they could be liable for the damage. Keep in mind, though, that it will be highly variable based on the situation at hand. For example, the insurance that they have on their home and additional structures might fail to include the medical coverage that would otherwise cover your child’s accidental injury.

But, if it is a serious enough injury to warrant a lawsuit (though hopefully this is never the case for you or your child), then you might have to prove negligence on the part of the homeowner, or you could become liable for the offense.

In the case of negligence, you will have to prove that the swing set owner either:

  • Permitted your child to swing on the swing set knowing that it was unsafe for the child
  • Or allowed inappropriate use in another way that could be related to the child’s age
  • Either way, it could become tough to prove that it was the homeowner’s fault, but this can unfortunately be the case

Hopefully, you will never be in a situation in which you will have to file a claim for personal injury related to your swing set. In the instance that you are, however, just be sure that you review what your policy will provide. It might be worth looking into upping your premium to protect yourself in the event of an accidental injury.

Is Swing Set Damage Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

Whether you purchased your swing set or built your own, you likely spent a hefty amount of time, energy, and money on the project. The investment is worth it for your children’s happiness (as anything would be worth that), but what happens if this hard work is suddenly smashed by a fallen tree or other disaster resulting in damage to the swing set?

Swing set damage is occasionally covered by homeowners insurance, but not always.

Because swing sets are often considered to be hazardous structures, insurance providers do not always include these structures in their policies. With this, you may find that the structure is not covered under insurance whether it is damaged or by what caused damage.

If you are wondering whether or not your swing set is covered under your personal homeowners insurance policy, then it is best to review the policy or discuss your coverage with your insurance provider.

Likely, your provider will require you to pay an additional fee each month to include this piece of outdoor equipment in your homeowners policy.

There might be conditional requirements that your insurance provider will make you upkeep to ensure that the swing set is covered under your homeowners insurance, too.

  • This could include regular maintenance
  • Evenly leveling out the structure
  • Or providing some type of protective covering for the swing set in the off-season.

Either way, it is important to review the specific details of your policy as yours could differ based on your location or what you have decided to include in your premium. Even though your neighbor’s swing set is covered does not mean that yours will be.

How Much Does a Swing Set Add to Homeowners Insurance?

The odds are high that looking to increase your monthly bills is not something on your to-do list. Would it be the case for anyone? More likely than not, you are not looking to spend more money on insurance. But, adding your swing set to your policy might not be as expensive as you previously thought.

Adding a swing set to your homeowners insurance policy will likely cost roughly $200 more on your annual premium. Keep in mind that rates will vary based on the overall cost of your home and your insurance policy- especially the coverage that you desire to include. Coverage options could include covering incidents related to damage or injury depending on the policy.

Of course, adding a monthly payment (unless you choose to pay this up-front in a lump sum) is not something that is likely high on your priority list. You might think that you do not need insurance on your swing set at all. Ultimately, this comes down to the risk that you are willing to take on your swing set and the area that you are in.

If you have forked over a large sum of money towards a massive, luxury swing set, then the odds are higher that you will want to have this covered under your insurance in the instance of property damage. But, if you got an inexpensive, simple swing set model off of a social media marketplace or another site, then you might not be as concerned if the swing set happens to get damaged.

Many of the higher end swing sets you can buy now will have a warranty anyways. If you built the swing set yourself, you’ll have to estimate its value to get it covered.

In the end, you will need to decide what is worth it to you and be willing to take the hit in one way or another. Hopefully, you will never have to experience filing a claim based on injury from or damage to your swing set. But, in the instance that you do, you will want to be thoroughly prepared.

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