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Which Ducks Are Quiet? Quietest Ducks Breeds For Neighborhood Ducks

Several factors play a role in your duck breed decision when seeking neighborhood ducks. From the ease of care to the cost of a breed, you must make careful considerations. Outside of your own preferences, however, you must be mindful of your neighbors. Which ducks are quiet?

Duck breeds like Muscovy, Khaki Campbell, and Swedish are some of the quietest duck breeds you can find. Among others, these ducks make excellent choices for neighborhood ducks. Finding a calm breed is convenient and respectful if you want neighborhood ducks.

Continue reading to learn more about which ducks are quiet, as well as information regarding the quietest duck breeds for neighborhood ducks. Among other factors, whether neighborhood ducks are calm can be a large reason why your neighbors may or may not like the idea of ducks.

Which Duck Breeds Are The Quietest?

If one is not familiar with the wide variety of duck breeds, one attribute they equate with ducks is likely that all ducks quack. A neighbor not keen on hearing quacking at the crack of dawn may not grow fond of your idea of getting neighborhood ducks.

When you are looking for neighborhood ducks, your want for ducks is only part of the equation. You must be mindful of your neighbors.

If your ducks are loud, chances are that you might upset many of the people who live next to you. Ducks are cute and useful, but an overly noisy duck may not be worth its attributes to others.

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Luckily, several duck breeds are not known for being noisy. As you will learn below, some ducks do not even quack. When considering the effects of neighborhood ducks on the people around you, finding quiet duck breeds is important. Below, you will see which duck breeds are the quietest.

Muscovy Ducks Are Some of The Quietest

Muscovy ducks are one of the best neighborhood duck breeds to have. They are known as the quietest of ducks because they cannot quack. You might hear them making a hissing noise from time to time, but you will not have to worry about disturbing your neighbors.

Muscovy ducks look as unique as they are pleasant to have around. If you are looking for consistent egg-laying ducks, they may not be the right choice for you, but they are excellent for sprucing up the homey feel of a neighborhood.

Khaki Campbell Ducks Are Great for Neighborhoods

Khaki Campbell ducks are another neighborhood favorite. They remain quiet most of the time, and if a stressful or exciting situation prompts them to make noise, the noise of the quacks is minimal. You should not have too much trouble keeping Khaki Campbells as neighborhood ducks.

Khaki Campbells are also very independent, which makes looking after them simple. They are nice to have around and do not require intensive care from an owner.

Here’s a video to watch if considering getting ducks in a neighborhood:

Are Swedish Ducks Quiet?

Swedish ducks have potential as neighborhood ducks. They tend to remain calm, but their environment influences whether they become aggravated easily. If they do not have safety, water, and other features at their disposal, their quacks are loud and shrill.

As long as you provide necessities for Swedish ducks, they can make great neighborhood ducks. They care for each other very well, they do not fly, and they are beautiful.

Magpie Ducks Are Great for Neighborhoods

Magpie ducks are highly enjoyable as neighborhood ducks. Like many other ducks, they may quack often if they feel threatened, but they are usually loving and calm. They grow incredibly close to their owners when they are ducklings.

Magpie ducks are not completely silent, but their chattering with each other during the day is manageable. You should not receive many complaints from your neighbors if you have Magpie ducks.

Are Cayuga Ducks Quiet?

Cayuga ducks are docile ducks that remain quiet when they are comfortable. They are great options as neighborhood ducks because they do not mind behind around humans.

You probably do not want ducks in your neighborhood that quack and flee every time a human walks by. With Cayuga ducks, you can pass by happily while they stay comfortable around you.

Are Pekin Ducks Quiet?

Aside from a Mallard duck, Pekin ducks are likely what most people picture when they think of a traditional duck. The white bodies and orange bills are a sight for sore eyes. However, Pekin ducks can be extremely noisy.

Pekin ducks may not make the best neighborhood ducks because they are not afraid to vocalize their needs. However, they make excellent companions as ducks on a farm or in any more rural area. In an area where neighbors enjoy their peace and quiet, however, Pekins are not first on the list.

What Ducks Don’t Make Noise?

As you read above, perhaps the quietest of ducks are the breeds as follows:

  • Muscovy
  • Khaki Campbell
  • Magpie

In terms of complete silence, Muscovy ducks are as close as you are going to get. All of the ducks listed above, however, should not pose any major problems.

The environment that a duck is in is heavily determinant of whether it is noisy. If your neighborhood ducks are comfortable where they are, they can be very pleasant to have around.

Do Female Ducks Make Less Noise?

Female ducks generally make more noise than male ducks, for many reasons. For instance, they may alert others when they are laying eggs, protecting their ducklings, or looking for food. It can be nice to have a nice mix of male and female ducks in your neighborhood, but know that females tend to be more vocal.

Are Backyard Ducks Quiet?

Whether your backyard ducks are quiet depends on the breed and the environment. As mentioned above, ducks that are comfortable in their setting are less prone to quacking. If they feel threatened or are not being looked after properly, they may be more vocal. At the same time, some duck breeds are louder than others.

Do I Need Quiet Ducks?

If you want neighborhood or backyard ducks and you live around other people, you need quiet ducks. While constant quacking may not bother you, not everyone around you is going to be supportive of loud ducks, especially at odd hours of the day.

There are plenty of quieter duck breeds out there that make suitable neighborhood ducks.

Can I Quiet Noisy Ducks?

If your ducks are noisy because they are hungry or seek attention from you for another reason, the best way to quiet them is by providing for their needs. Additionally, some ducks quack more at night. If this is the case, make sure they are closed in their pen and are comfortable.

If they learn that nighttime is the time to settle down, they will be less prone to being active at night.

When Are Ducks At Their Noisiest?

Ducks are at their noisiest when they feel threatened. In a good neighborhood, ducks will not typically reach their noisiest levels. However, regular quacks and other noises throughout the day are not uncommon.

When it comes time for them to sleep at night, most ducks settle down and remain quiet.

Ducklings may quack or chirp often, but since their vocal cords are not fully developed, they will not be as loud. Most male ducks are quieter than females, who often have noticeably higher and louder quacks and chirps.

Final Thoughts

Neighborhood ducks are great additions to add some entertainment to your area. At the same time, most people are not going to be happy with ducks that make constant noise. The breeds listed above can make great neighborhood and backyard ducks as they tend to be much quieter than other breeds.

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