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What Ducks Are Yellow as Ducklings? Duck Breeds With Yellow Ducklings

In children’s books and other literature, ducklings are always yellow. However, in real life, this is not always the case.

Pekin ducks are the quintessential ducklings, as they are bright yellow and furry. Anytime you see a duckling depicted in a storybook, it is almost always based on the Pekin duckling. While many breeds of duck have yellow ducklings, some breeds look very different.

Many ducks have fantastic personalities and make great pets for families. Check out this article if you choose to know more about what ducks are yellow as ducklings.

What Duck Breeds Have Yellow Ducklings?

Many people believe that all ducklings are yellow. However, not every duck resembles a rubber duckie. There are many distinct breeds of ducks that have different colors.

The following include some of the various breeds of yellow ducks:

Pekin Ducks Have Yellow Ducklings

The Pekin duck is probably the most popular duck breed. Pekin ducklings are a bright yellow with fluffy fuzz and have orange beaks and feet. As the Pekin matures, their feathers turn into a snowy white color.

They have grayish-blue eyes that appear to be black from far away and an upturned rump. They have long bodies and elegant necks. The Pekin ducklings are quite adorable.

Some of the common traits of the Pekin duck:

  • Calm
  • Friendly
  • Gentle
  • Intelligent

These ducklings and ducks make excellent pets due to their affable demeanor. If you handle the ducklings from an early age, they may get attached to you and imprint onto you. Most children’s illustrations of a duck are based on the Pekin duck breed.

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Saxony Ducks Have Yellow Ducklings

Saxony ducklings are entirely yellow, although they have soft pink beaks and orange beaks, feet, and their breast feathers are a rich burgundy color. Saxony ducks do not grow as fast as other duck breeds, and they have cream-colored bellies and dark brown eyes.

Saxony males have a white ring around their necks, while the females have a more peachy-colored plumage.

The temperament of the Saxony duck:

  • Curious
  • Lively
  • Outgoing
  • Sassy

Saxony ducklings are yellow with subtle faded lines surrounding the eyes. Once they become mature, their color changes. They start to darken and grow in their peach-colored feathers when they are relatively young.

Here’s a video guide to identifying duckling breeds:

Indian Runner Ducks Have Yellow Ducklings

Indian Runner ducks were nicknamed “Penguin ducks.” Ducklings are yellow with a bright orange beak and feet. Runner ducks have an interesting posture in which they hold their bodies upright, which makes them look like penguins.

They have very small wings, which keeps them from flying. Their limbs are located farther back on the body than other duck breeds.

Some of the possible colors of the Indian Runner duck:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Cocoa
  • Dark brown
  • Light brown
  • White

The position of their legs allows them to run instead of waddle, which makes them very active duckies. Indian Runners may also be a brownish shade of green.

Magpie Ducks Have Yellow Ducklings

 The magpie duckling is yellow with an orange beak and feet. Magpie ducklings will imprint more on their humans than any other duck breed. The magpie duckling has two black spots on the back and top of the head, which may fade into being completely white.

When they become mature, their bodies look long and elegant.

The temperament of the magpie duck:

  • Active
  • Calm
  • Docile
  • Social

You can discern the males from the females as the males have curled feathers on their tails and the females have straight feathers. They are most commonly black and white. However, they can also come in blue and white and chocolate and white. Magpie ducks tend to be on the smaller side.

Call Ducks Have Yellow Ducklings

Many species of call ducks can have yellow ducklings. These include the White Call duck and the Snow Call duck. These ducks are small, and hunters use them to lure prey birds with their call.

These ducks were the original “duck call.” (source) However, conservationists put an end to that practice. Mature call ducks look like stuffed animals, as they are irresistibly cute.

The different colors of Call ducks:

  • Apricot
  • Bibbed
  • Black
  • Blue Fawn
  • Silver
  • White

As a duckling, the Call duck has bright yellow plumage. After eight to twelve months, their plumage usually changes into the classic white color. The Call duck is a formidable show duck, as many raise this breed to be in the show ring.

They have achieved the most championships of any breed of duck. Call ducks are sweet, tame, and great with children. 

Aylesbury Ducks Have Yellow Ducklings

The Aylesbury duckling has light yellow plumage with a pale pink beak. They have an orange beak and feet. When the Aylesbury duck is very young, you cannot tell the difference between the males and females. Once they mature, the male ducks look rather husky compared to the females.

Some of the personality traits of the Aylesbury duck:

  • Calm
  • Gentle
  • Playful
  • Sociable

Aylesbury ducks are relatively rare. They love interacting with humans and are considered like dogs in personality, making them great pets. However, this particular duck breed is prone to obesity, so it is essential to limit their food intake.

Which Ducks Do Not Have Yellow Ducklings?

Ducklings like the Pekin duck and the Saxony duck are yellow. However, not all ducklings are purely yellow. Some ducks do not have yellow ducklings at all. The following include a couple of duck breeds that do not have yellow ducklings:

Mallard Ducks Do Not Have Yellow Ducklings

Male Mallard ducks have a gorgeous emerald green head and a yellow beak, although they have gray bodies, brown breasts, and black rumps. Younger ducks are brown with orange and brown beaks. Both males and females have a patch on their wings. Mallard ducklings have yellow markings, but they are rarely entirely yellow.

Northern Shovelers Do Not Have Yellow Ducklings

The Northern Shoveler has a sizeable spoon-shaped bill that makes it unique compared to other ducks. They have dark green heads, white breasts, chestnut bellies, and flanks.

American Wigeons Do Not Have Yellow Ducklings

Breeding male American Wigeons look like they have a green eye patch and a white stripe on their head. They have pinkish-brown breasts. They look similar to Mallard ducks.


Contrary to popular belief, not all ducklings are yellow. Some duck breeds have ducklings that exhibit other colors. Whatever color a duckling is, it is a fact that it is always adorable!

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