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How to Measure a Trampoline: Trampoline Dimensions Guide

Trampolines take up a lot of room. As such, knowing how big they are can help you find the right one for your backyard. It can also help you find suitable replacements if your current trampoline requires repairs. In either case, you need to know how to measure a trampoline.

Measure a trampoline by going from one end of the frame to the other end of the frame. Do not measure the mat itself. For example, a 14 foot trampoline will have a 14 foot frame and a 12.75 foot jumping mat.

Because trampolines only come in a few standard sizes, you can use these standards to help measure the features of your trampoline. By reading further, you will learn some of these standard dimensions for several common trampoline sizes.

How do Trampoline Measurements Work?

Trampolines take up a lot of space. You need room for the mat, net, springs, and any other accessory your trampoline may have. To make things worse, trampoline replacement parts are only compatible with trampolines of a particular shape and size.

As such, all trampoline owners must know how to properly measure their trampolines to ensure their proper use.

Fortunately, standard trampolines only come in rectangular, elliptical, circular, or octagonal shapes that are between 36 inches to 17 feet in length. Therefore, you can easily measure them if you know some basic geometry. As such, the only tool you need is a measuring tape.

Here’s a walk-through video showing how to measure a trampoline:

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Measuring a Round Trampoline

Round trampolines are the most popular type of trampoline on the market and the easiest to measure. It all comes down to a single number which is the full diameter of the metal frame. Most manufacturers will even proudly include this number in the name of the brand.

To measure your round trampoline’s diameter, you:

  1. Measure straight across the center of the trampoline from one side of the metal frame to the other.
  2. Repeat the measurement going in the opposite direction.
  3. Determine the average between the two measurements.

The average is the size of the trampoline once you properly install the springs and mat.

Measuring a Rectangular or Square Trampoline

While not as popular as round ones, rectangular trampolines are extremely popular with families with lots of kids. These large trampolines can easily fit your entire family, letting everyone join the fun.

As they are rectangular, their primary measurements are then length and width, both of which are measured across from the metal frame. Therefore, to get an accurate measurement, you must measure the trampoline across four sides as follows.

For the width, measure the length of the shorter sides. You can do this anywhere along the trampoline. Just make sure you take multiple measurements so you can take an average, This average will be the approximate width of the trampoline.

For the length of the trampoline, follow the same steps with the longer sides. Just note that these two measurements should be the same if you have a square trampoline.

Measuring an Octagonal Trampoline

Octagonal trampolines use their diameter as if they were round. You can measure this diameter by laying your measuring tape across the trampoline from one corner to corner on the opposite side of the trampoline. Just make sure that you are measuring from one corner to the other and not from side to side.

Measuring and Oval Trampoline

Oval trampolines are a cross between a round and a rectangular trampoline. As such, the trampoline’s width, and length, which you can get by measuring the greatest distance across both sides.

Measuring the Trampoline Mat

Once you have your trampoline’s size, you can use it to determine the size of its components. For instance, the size of your trampoline mat is the size of the trampoline, the number of V-rings it has, and the length of one of its springs.

The springs link the mat to the frame through V-rings on the mat. Counting these V-rings will give you the number of springs your trampoline has, which will make your calculations much easier. The number should be a multiple of 12, giving you a quick check for your counting.

Once you measure the length of a spring, you will have everything you need to know the mat size.

What are the Dimensions of a 14-Foot Trampoline?

While the above measurements are the most important when choosing or repairing a trampoline, you might also need other dimensions such as the trampoline’s weight, recommended age restrictions, and average price.

Luckily, trampoline manufacturers did most of the work for you. As such, you only need to know the size of the frame in most cases.

For instance, a 14-foot trampoline has these dimensions:

  • 14ft diameter
  • Outdoor use
  • Restricted to teenagers and up
  • 12.75ft mat
  • 72-96 springs
  • 7″ to 7.5″ springs
  • 350-pound weight limit
  • An average retail price of around $400

With these dimensions, a 14ft trampoline would serve the needs of a medium-sized family.

What is the Diameter of a 12ft Trampoline?

Round trampolines are sold based on their diameter. Therefore, the diameter of a 12-foot trampoline is around 12 feet. You can verify this value by using the steps mentioned above for round and octagonal trampolines.

Do not worry if your measurements are not exactly 12 feet. A 12-foot diameter is simply ideal. As long as your trampoline is close to this value, you are good. Though, you can take the average of multiple measurements if you need something more accurate.

How Big Around is a 15ft Trampoline?

Before you can buy a trampoline, you must make sure that you have enough space for one. While the diameter measure certainly helps, you also need to leave space for any add-ons and features that can be with your trampoline.

As such, most experts agree that you should reserve a space that extends 32 feet for your 15ft trampoline. Add an extra foot in each direction for the frame and netting if there is any.

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While trampoline sizes are standardized, you may still want to know the dimensions of your trampoline. These measurements can help you find suitable replacement parts, or to set aside enough space in your backyard for your trampoline. Fortunately, you can determine these measurements with just a measuring tape.

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