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Do Horseshoe Pits Need To Be Covered? How-To Guide

If you aren’t sure if you need to cover your horseshoe pit or how to do it, you’ve come to the right place! We know just what you need and how to do it!

Horseshoe pits do need to be covered when not in use. Cover the horseshoe pit with a tarp or landscaping fabric. Weigh down the sides of the cover with heavy objects like bricks or rocks. Doing this will help to ensure that the pit does not get ruined by weather or animals.

Covering your horseshoe pit may seem difficult or tedious, but it is very important for the pit to stay nice and clean. Keep reading to discover what you need to know about horseshoe pits!

What Should I Cover My Horseshoe Pit With?

Horseshoe pits definitely need to be covered when they are not being used.

You should cover your horseshoe pits with any type of covering or fabric that covers the entire pit. You should then place something heavy on the ends of the tarp or fabric to weigh it down so it won’t blow away and so animals won’t get into it.

There are a lot of different options for you when choosing to decide what to cover your horseshoe pit with. Deciding what you are looking for lengthwise and what you want it to look like will help you decide. See below for some suggestions for horseshoe pit covers.

Heavy Duty Poly Tarp Cover

Online retailers like Amazon have great options for covering your horseshoe pit. This first option is a Heavy-Duty Poly Tarp Found Here that would be a perfect cover for your pit and only costs around $20.

Because it is heavy-duty, it can easily be weighed down by various materials without being damaged.

This tarp would be great if there are heavy storms where you live. You will still probably have to weigh the tarp down with bricks or rocks, but this tarp could help keep the sand going out of the pit and keep bad weather and animals away from it.

Green Guard Shield Tarp

If you want a green tarp that can blend in with your grass and look a bit more stylish, a Green Waterproof Tarp would work great for covering your horseshoe pit. It might not be the exact color as your grass, but it would be all you need to cover your pit perfectly.

Weed Barrier Landscape Tarp

If you want to cover your horseshoe pit with something else other than a tarp, landscape fabric might be what you are looking for. This Weed Barrier Landscape Fabric from Amazon is $36.99 and is great for the outdoors!

This tarp will not only cover your horseshoe put perfectly, it will also help keep weeds away from the pit and the yard surrounding it. This black cover is heavy-duty and perfect for your horseshoe covering needs.

Grass Turf

We covered our horseshoe pit with something pretty and something that would make it so you wouldn’t be able to tell that there was a horseshoe pit underneath it. This Artificial Grass Turf from Amazon fits those specifications perfectly.

You can easily measure the amount you need and buy the perfect length for your horseshoe pit covering needs. Nobody would be able to tell that it’s covering the pit! It would look just like the grass!


Some horseshoe pits are made with wood around it, while others are just straight on the ground. If yours is straight on the ground, you could use wood to cover the pit.

Just measure how much wood you need, place it on the horseshoe pit, and put something heavy like a brick, rock, or wood over it to weigh it down. This is a super simple way to cover it. It only works for the one type of pit, but it is perfect if this is the kind you have!

Here’s a video showing a quick horseshoe pit cover:

Why Should I Cover The Horseshoe Pit?

Are you wondering why you should cover your horseshoe pit? Well, we can tell you! You should cover it because it could be dangerous for the pit to not be covered and it could get ruined.


Bad weather could be bad for the horseshoe pit and is one of the reasons you should cover it when you aren’t using it. If it rains a lot or is hailing, that could ruin the sand or wood of the pit.

  • If it snows a lot near you, you want to cover it to keep the snow and ice from getting into your horseshoe pit.
  • Those could also ruin your sand and wood.
  • Lastly, if it is very windy near you, there is a chance that it could blow the sand away from your pit, ruining it.

Make sure to cover your pit so that the weather doesn’t ruin it!


Animals are another reason you should cover your pit. Animals love to get around people’s yards in places where they shouldn’t. There is a chance that if you don’t cover your horseshoe pit, that animals could mess up the sand or the wood of the pit. Even worse, they could even urinate or defecate in the pit, which nobody would enjoy cleaning up.

If you want to ensure that nothing, even animals, can get into your horseshoe pit, make sure to cover and weigh down the cover immediately!

If you want an example of how you could cover your horseshoe pit, here is a great one on Youtube. It doesn’t use a tarp as they use wood, a pedestal, and a long stick that goes from the pedestal into the ground to cover their pit.

If you want something more heavy-duty than a tarp, a horseshoe pit cover similar to the example shown in the video would be perfect.

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