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Can You Play Horseshoes While Pregnant? In-Depth Explanation

Being pregnant isn’t always fun, but that doesn’t mean you should cut all activities from your life! Horseshoes can be a fun game to play before your baby comes!

Pregnant women can play horseshoes without harming themselves or their unborn baby. Horseshoes is easy to play and does not involve strenuous activity that poses a risk to pregnant women. However, pregnant women should not stand too close to the horseshoe target, just to be safe.

Always listen to your body and your doctor, but if both give you the green light to be up and walking around, go for it! If exercise, in general, isn’t safe during our pregnancy, don’t feel bad about taking care of yourself. If not, then get out there and have fun! Horseshoes is a great activity to help boost your mood and give you some great exercise outdoors.

Pregnant Women and Horseshoes

Playing horseshoes while pregnant is totally fine! Provided the expecting mother feels up to it, there aren’t any serious risks. Horseshoes isn’t a contact sport and consists of throwing horseshoes towards a stake, which isn’t a very difficult activity.

  • The only sports that would be risky to play while pregnant would be contact sports that could injure the woman or her baby.
  • Horseshoes is one of the least contact sports there is.
  • In fact, it may be one of the safest games for pregnant women to play.
  • There is no contact, no running, and no difficult movements that could be risky for a pregnant woman to do.

Staying emotionally healthy can be just as important as being physically healthy when pregnant, so some time outdoors socializing and having fun can have great benefits! Horseshoes can be an awesome way for pregnant women to participate in a fun game that they won’t be sidelined during.

Of course, every pregnancy is different, so if a pregnant woman feels horseshoes isn’t a good idea, then don’t feel bad about sitting out for this one. Your health is always more important than a game!

You should make sure you aren’t standing too close to the target or the player throwing horseshoes to avoid getting hit, but that advice applies to anyone who isn’t pregnant as well! Stay safe and have fun!

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Exercising While Pregnant

Contact sports and marathons may be out of the question while pregnant, but exercise generally can actually have some serious health benefits!

Exercise can help a pregnant mother stay in a healthy weight range, feel better emotionally, and avoid some of the nastier consequences of pregnancy, like backaches and bloating. It can also help the mother have a healthier and faster birth.

  • Not all exercise is advisable, however.
  • Joining a triathlon is probably too much while pregnant, but walking is a great way to get some low-stress, easily accessible exercise.
  • Swimming is also a good choice, as it doesn’t put too much pressure on the sore joints that may result during pregnancy.
  • For something a little bit more intense, bike riding or low weight training for thirty minutes a day can also be good for pregnant women.

The important thing is not to take too much, too soon. If you were exercising regularly before becoming pregnant, then your usual routine or a modified version should be fine, but if you have only recently begun exercising, try something gentler.

Too much physical or emotional stress is never good when pregnant, so don’t do more than you feel comfortable doing. Pregnancy is different for everyone, so don’t feel as if you have to take on more or less than anybody else.

What Exercises to Watch Out for When Pregnant

Low-stress exercises are great, but what are some sports or exercises that should be cut out while pregnant? The most obvious sports you should avoid involves anything contact related, so football games and wrestling matches are out. However, there are a few you might not think about.

Anything that could result in a bad fall should not be done by a pregnant woman, as well as exercises that involve lying on your back after your first trimester. Anything that has sudden changes to body chemistry should be avoided as well, like sports done in extreme hot or cold or in higher altitudes. Jarring movement, bouncing, or anything abrupt is also a big no-no. (source)

  • Nausea can be a symptom of pregnancy, so your body will usually tell you when it’s time to stop and sit down.
  • Pay attention, it might know something you don’t.
  • For any exercise, make sure not to overwork yourself, and drink lots of water.
  • You should be gaining weight during pregnancy, not losing it, so if you notice your weight start to drop, increase your caloric intake or change your exercise routine to something less intense.

When exercising, you should generally be eating carbohydrates before to fuel up and protein afterward to gain muscle. If your exercise causes your temperature to rise, bleeding anywhere, difficulty breathing, a racing heart, or cramps, stop and talk to a doctor.

Remember that just because a previous pregnancy or someone else’s pregnancy worked one way doesn’t mean this one is the same, so keep an eye out for any notable differences, and keep yourself healthy and safe!

Reasons Exercise Would not Be a Good Idea While Pregnant

For most pregnancies, exercise is great when low intensity and only involves simple movement, but there are a few reasons you wouldn’t want to be exercising at all while pregnant, regardless of how low stress the activity is.

  • If you have any sort of heart or lung diseases or defects, sit this one out!
  • Any exercise could raise your heart rate to dangerous levels, or increase your blood pressure higher than it should be.
  • Any kind of bleeding is also a sign you shouldn’t be up and about.

If you have a history of preterm labor, twins, triplets, or were underweight before or during pregnancy, go ahead and take it easy. This may be the best opportunity you get to be lazy before your baby comes, so take it!

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