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Will a Trampoline Kill the Grass

There are some who are concerned about the green and luscious grass in their yard when they first buy a trampoline, the main worry being that the trampoline will kill their beautiful grass.

A trampoline will not kill the grass. However, the grass will always need to be taken care of by doing weekly chores, such as mowing the lawn and watering the yard. Trampolines are designed to have thick mats, but they allow some sunlight to pass through for growth.

This point is something that many do not agree on. Below, there will be answers to those who will wonder why the grass does not die, along with answers and suggestions to those who have had their grass killed because of a trampoline.

How to Stop Killing Grass

If there is someone who insists that the trampoline is killing the grass, there are multiple ways to prevent that from happening.

Plant lawn feed, grass seed, or fertilizer underneath the trampoline.

Whichever one is preferred, they will all do the same thing. The idea is to provide nutrients for the grass. These chemicals will assist in the growth of the grass underneath the trampoline, and if it’s just that one spot that a person is concerned about, it will definitely be the best spot of grass in the entire yard, despite the trampoline over it.

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Place the trampoline over a sprinkler.

Mats do allow sunlight to pass through, however little it may be. But grass also needs water to grow. Placing the trampoline above sprinklers will allow the grass to be watered and nourished, despite the lack of sun.

Place a grass mat underneath the trampoline.

This could be actual grass, or fake grass, depending on a person’s tastes. If nobody cares if the grass is a little mismatched, especially when it comes to the fake grass, then this will not be a problem for some people.

Grass mats, or fake grass mats, would be a good idea to protect the rest of the yard from the trampoline harming the real grass.

And another point to consider, which is a benefit of this solution, is that no one has to mow over the fake grass. This will make it so much easier! No one will have to move the trampoline! Or water it! It’s just there.

Place the trampoline on gravel.

Or sand. Or bark. Or… anything else but grass. This will save a lot of stress about the grass, but it could also be a bit of a project, especially if the person would like the yard to still look nice.

Some small suggestions with this particular solution are to plan where to put the gravel/mulch/sand in the yard before setting up the trampoline.

This would be a good idea in the long run so the yard continues to look nice, not disorganized, and will make mowing easier.

Move the trampoline around often.

At least once a week – except on very dry weeks when there’s no grass to be mowed – the grass needs to be mowed. And the trampoline is on top of the grass. The easiest way to mow the grass underneath the trampoline is to move the trampoline.

When the trampoline is moved, and the grass is mowed, the best results for healthy grass is to keep the trampoline where it had been moved. Just keep moving the trampoline around every week, and the grass will be alright.

From the suggestion above, my family had to mow their lawn once, sometimes twice, a week. we had a trampoline, and always moved it around their yard, and the grass never suffered in the least. It was easy to do, and no one worried about the grass’ health.

These suggestions are just a few examples of how to keep the trampoline from harming the grass, but there are many other ways to prevent dying grass.

If there is a general best place to put a trampoline, it should be the backyard. That’s where a child’s mind can get creative, and it’s the safest place for a child in general.

Specifically where a trampoline should be placed is up to the people who own the home and yard. If there’s a certain part of the yard that no one cares about, grass-wise, then stick it there.

But, if there is someone who is really concerned about grass, then the ultimate suggestion for that specific worry is to install an in-ground trampoline. No grass would be blocked from the light, no frame would press into the grass and dirt and create frame imprints.

This would be the best and easiest way to prevent any dying grass, although it does come with a little more price for the installation, and a little bit of work. However, it will be worth every cent if it puts a person’s mind at ease about the health of the grass.

Does Grass Grow Faster?

Depending on the type of trampoline and what you do to the grass, yes, the grass can grow faster. There are certain types of mats that allow the sun to pass through the mat and nourish the grass, which are thinner, but the thicker ones allow less sunlight to pass through.

Especially on really hot days, where the heat kills the grass, the thicker mats can protect that particular spot of grass, because of the shade it gives (source). The shade will dull the deathly effect of the heat on the grass underneath the trampoline.

And also, if you’re putting grass feed or fertilizer on that particular spot on the yard because of the mat and the grass not getting enough nutrition, the grass will definitely grow the best, and probably faster.

This author’s backyard, in the summer, will have certain spots, like lines, that will grow faster and taller than other spots because of the plumbing underneath those particular parts. There are more nutrients in those parts, and the same thing will happen if someone plants grass feed and fertilizer on it.

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