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There are three types of cloches we use, metal wire, small PVC, and large PVC. We stick mostly with the metal wire cloche because we have bunnies in our area, but the PVC cloches have their uses too.

Metal Wire Cloche

This set of 4 cloches can be a bit on the pricey side, but in my experience they end up being totally worth it. The plastic ones fade and crack over time, where these metal ones will last a lifetime. I recommend the ChickenTree Squirrel Proof Metal Wire Cloche (link to Amazon) to any one with chickens, squirrels, or other critters in their area.

We like using these and then just covering them ourselves with any type of plant covering cloth. If you’re getting these solely for keeping critters out, you won’t need to cover them at all. We do to prepare for colder weather. This set comes with 4 cloches in 14″ diameter and 14″ height.

Small Plastic Cloche

These are great for smaller plants that just started growing. They do a great job allowing light in for the plants and have an adjustable vent at the top to regulate air circulation. I recommend the Syitcun Protective Garden Cloche (link to Amazon). This set comes with 6 cloches 8″ diameter and 7″ height.

Large Plastic Cloche

The larger cloches are better suited to plants that have grow a bit. I recommend the Gardeners Supply Large Garden Cloche (link to Amazon). The set comes with 3 cloches 13″ diameter and 12″ height. Includes stakes to helps secure the cloches to the ground. Be warned, we’ve had critters get into these even with all the stakes fully installed.