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How to Stop Backyard Chickens From Dying Suddenly

Many people around the world have chickens in their backyard, they are smaller and fairly easier to take care of. Their size and habitat need to make them an easy addition to any home. While they are easy animals to take care of it’s also important to know their needs and causes that could harm them.

To stop chickens from dying suddenly you need to boost their immune system with supplements, avoid foods that could be lethal, provide them with clean food and water, and provide a safe shelter. Even if you do that however, chickens may still die suddenly for various reasons.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about keeping your feathered friends from dying. Read on to find out not only how to prevent your chickens from dying but what the causes could be.

What Could Cause a Chicken to Suddenly Die?

Raising any animal can come with its challenges and unfortunately, chickens are no different. Even when you do everything right sometimes animals will die. This is not due to a lack of proper care as some animals are more likely to become ill than others.

There are a few known illnesses that can suddenly cause a chicken’s death. When you want to prevent an illness it is better to know that they are, you will know to watch for them. It can sometimes be as simple as the chicken got into something it shouldn’t have. It is important to note some chickens will just not make it. These illnesses to watch for are:

  • Egg binding
  • Injury
  • Lack of proper nutrition
  • Organ failure
  • Parasites
  • Poisoning
  • Predator attack
  • Salpingitis

For the most part, these illnesses can be prevented when it comes to taking care of your chickens. A good diet, plenty of time to exercise, and being protected from the elements are the most important steps you can take to keep your chickens safe.

After all the average person that has backyard chickens puts time and energy into them to get free eggs in return. Your source of food would be gone without any knowledge of how could lead you to not eating the chicken’s meat, as it may not be safe.

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How to Stop a Chicken From Dying?

To stop a chicken from suddenly dying you will need to make sure you are giving your chickens a proper life. This will be your best and only shot at making sure your chickens do not suddenly die.

Sometimes chickens without reason will die but for the most part, if you follow the tips in this list your chicken will live as long as you’d like them to.

Chickens Need a Clean Environment Protected From the Elements

The most important part of giving your chickens the best chance at a good life is a clean place to live. Chickens need an area to be able to run around, whether free-range or within a fenced area.

A fenced-in area or closed-in chicken coop will also protect your chickens from being killed by predators. Some predators may come in and only snap their necks which may leave you wondering what happened.

They also need a chicken coop to not only be able to get out of the rain or sun but to lay their eggs. You will need to sweep or shovel out their coop and the fenced-in area often so their feces will not build up too much.

  • This will not only keep your chickens healthier but happier.
  • Happy chickens lay more eggs.
  • Those that are stressed out may not produce as many eggs.

Keep an Eye on Your Chickens

Every time you feed, water, or check for eggs look at your chickens. This can help you to catch an illness that one may have. You could save the chicken and potentially stop an illness from spreading to the others.

Keep an eye on:

  • Are they chickens eating and drinking enough?
  • Are they laying eggs regularly, do they have an egg stuck (egg binding) this can result in death almost always?
  • Are they underweight?
  • Do you see any wounds or sores on them?
  • How your chickens are walking around, are they being active?

All of these questions will help you to keep track of which chickens may not be doing as well as the others.

Here’s a very informative video showing the most common diseases for chickens, with more tips below:

Provide Clean Food and Water Throughout the Day

Chickens can suddenly die if they are not eating and drinking enough during the day. Chickens can have fresh water sat out in the morning and refilled as needed. You are also able to leave food out all day for them to eat when they want. Chickens need a well-balanced type of feed daily that is high in nutrients. (source)

An adult chicken will eat about ¼ of a pound of feed every day so make sure to have more than enough in the feed container to feed every chicken. Some chickens may fall back and not get enough food. This can cause them to become malnourished and suddenly die.

Avoid Foods That Could Be Lethal to Chickens

There are many foods or treats that you can give your chickens, but it is important to make sure you do not accidentally give them something toxic. (source)

  • Chickens should not eat avocado pits or skins as it contains persin which is lethal to chickens.
  • Chickens should also avoid foods that are very high in fat and or salt.

Foods such as potatoes uncooked rice and uncooked beans could also cause bloating leading to their death. You should also avoid garlic and onions as they may make the eggs taste different but don’t necessarily harm the chickens.

Chickens are not like pigs they do not want to eat your random waste or foods that are expired. They are harmful to them just as they would be to you.

Boost Chickens Immune System by Giving Supplements

Chickens do well with supplements, sometimes food is just not enough. Every animal can use supplements whether it’s a dog, cow, or a small chicken. Supplements can help keep the eggs flowing correctly. They also help to make them more active and live long healthy lives.

Stopping Your Chickens From Dying Suddenly

Providing your chicken with the best care can be the best step you can take in preventing your chickens from suddenly drying.

Making sure to have a clean and safe environment is key in raising healthy chickens. Don’t forget to check on them regularly and your chances of finding dead chickens will be greatly reduced.

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