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How Do Goats Show Affection? Clear Signs Your Goat Loves You

Goats can be highly affectionate creatures and have an adorable way of expressing their fondness for their human. They are also social animals capable of true bonding.

Goats show affection by asking to be petted. They are not like dogs who like to be pet on their backs. Goats like to be petted in specific areas of their body. When a goat is happy to be around someone, they will often follow them everywhere they go.

Goats can be extremely loving animals. They also love to play and are fun to watch. Check out this article if you want to know how goats show affection and if your goat loves you.

How Do You Know a Goat Loves You?

Pet goats can become like cats or dogs because they show affection for the people who care for them. Goats demonstrate their bond with their humans in a variety of ways:

  • Soulful Gaze
  • Asking for Pets
  • Wanting to Play
  • Following you around
  • Want to be near you
  • Bleating noises

The above are all ways that goats demonstrate affection. Goats can be rather gregarious, but they are also sweet-natured to the people they are close to. The following include explanations of the different ways that goats will typically show affection:

Watch this quick video showing why goats love humans:

Goats are happier when they have things to play with. Look through these Goat Toys on Amazon for inventive feeders and large balls or toys for your goats.

Soulful Gaze

Have you ever felt that an animal had a piece of your soul? This often occurs because of how they look at you and make you feel. Dogs and cats may stare at their humans when they are asking for help, and goats are no different.

When a goat locks eyes with their human, they love and trust you. It means the animal feels safe with you, which is a significant compliment.

When a goat stares at you, it is often a sign of caring and warmth. Goats also like to see happy faces. They respond well toward someone who looks friendly and non -threatening. If you come around your goat and they see that you are a kind person, they will come to love you. 

Asking for Pets

Goats share another similarity with dogs and cats: they love to be petted. They will sometimes even rub up against you the way a cat would. However, unlike dogs, goats are not so big on getting pets on their back. (source)

Instead, they adore getting scratched on the:

  • Sides of their jaw
  • Their head
  • Their chest
  • Their underarms
  • The sides of their neck

You may want to try giving your goat a treat every time you pet them. If you do this, your goat will come to have positive associations with physical affection. Goats learn to appreciate it once they feel safe with you. Petting your goat is a great way to establish a connection with them.

Wanting to Play

Goats can be curious and playful creatures. Younger or baby goats love playtime as kittens and puppies do.

You can often find them engaged in a playgroup with other goats, enjoying a rousing game of chase. If a goat wants to play with you, it means that they think you are fun and want to spend time with you.

A goat can show affection for you by running around you or quickly running away from you and then running back. They tend to be funny this way.

If you choose to engage in play with them, you can mimic goat play by chasing them and quickly running the other way. The goat will likely come to get you!

There are tactics you can use to keep your goats occupied and entertained. Playing with your goat can be a bonding experience.

There are toys you can have for the goats that will allow you to play and bond with them as much as you want:

  • A climbing structure like a wooden jungle gym with steps, ramps, bridges, old tires, and other materials let them explore their playful side.
  • Different colors and ball sizes you can toss to your goat and watch them kick or push them around.
  • You can play with tunnels, nooks, and hideaways through an open tent or stacked hay bales that can keep them occupied.
  • Old Children’s Toys, such as plastic slides or kiddie pools, can be entertaining. See saws can also be a good idea for them.

Goats are happier when they have things to play with. Look through these Goat Toys on Amazon for inventive feeders and large balls or toys for your goats.

You should also know that goats are social animals that love to spend time with other goats. Why not have two goats to double the fun? Better yet, if you have the appropriate space, you can have a few goats to play with you and each other!

Following You Around

Goats tend to follow each other around in herd groups. They will typically follow the dominant goats as a show of respect. Goats are incredibly social, and they love to be together. (source)

A goat may follow their human around the same way. If a goat is fond of you, they may follow you wherever you go, similar to how a dog or cat would follow their human all over the house. 

Wanting to Be Near You

Goats like to stay in herd groups because it makes them feel safe. They are prey animals, and any predator that may want to attack will typically pass over a big group of goats and go after one that has strayed from the pack. Goats should stick together.

Protecting the group is why you will see goats cuddle up and sleep together, so none of them can get hurt. If your goat loves to be near you, they feel safe with you and consider you one of their pack. They feel safe around you and know they can trust you.  

Bleating Noises

A bleat is a term that refers to a goat’s way of communicating. It can sound like a child crying. Typically goat moms will bleat to their babies to reassure them. Goats bleat to each other and their humans. Bleating can be a sign of affection and can also mean that your goat is stressed out.

If a goat is calling to you, it means that they are happy to see you, or they may see you and want to make sure that you are the human they know. Goats also respond to the sound of your voice. If you talk to them sweetly, they may respond by pointing their ears forward, which is a sign they are content.  

Do Goats Head Butt to Show Affection?

When you think of head butting, you think of a cat demonstrating affection for their human. Male goats, however, headbutt each other to establish dominance and to see who is more macho. It is also a common form of protection against their enemies or predators. Young goats will sometimes head butt each other to be playful.

If a goat does not know someone and they are feeling insecure, they may headbutt a human. However, pet goats tend to headbutt their human when seeking attention. It can be their way of asking you for love and affection. (source)


Goats can be very affectionate with their humans in all different ways. When a goat feels a bond with you, they will demonstrate their affection with a deep gaze, asking to be petted, or just wanting to be close to their favorite human in their pack!   

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