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Do Badminton Rackets Matter? How to Choose a Badminton Racket

Badminton is a fascinating sport that combines aspects of several field games into a delightful contest for people of all ages. The equipment for the game is usually standard issue, but there are other options out there that will give you an advantage on the field. So do badminton rackets matter?

Badminton rackets, like other sports rackets, can come with different materials and could increase your chances of improved serving and volleying. However, these rackets are specialty items and could take some shopping to find out which is best for you.

An influx of people doesn’t heavily visit the world of badminton. As a result, the equipment can be hard to track down and even harder to gauge before buying. Never fear! Read on and learn all you need to know about badminton rackets and how to choose one.

Does a Good Badminton Racket Make a Difference?

Having a good racket is a tremendous boon for any player. The most important thing is to use the racket like a tool and know the appropriate times and situations to use it. A racket might not be the defining factor of your match, but if it helps keep you in your comfort zone, it is well worth the price.

A few reasons a good badminton racket can make a difference are:

  • Speed – Rackets made with high-tech components will be much lighter than their competitors. The lightness makes it easier to swing; often, they feel like a puff of air in your hand instead of a racket. Also, faster swings mean you can drive the shuttlecock much farther and hit it much easier.
  • Durability – Having a racket that can take a beating is critical for some professional players. Badminton rackets made from durable materials will last much longer than those made from aluminum or steel.
  • Power – It should be no surprise that rackets made from stronger and lighter materials can generate extra power. Materials like carbon fiber create a badminton racket more like rackets used in hard court sports like tennis and racketball.
  • Touch – Court games are often a battle between power and finesse. Racket strings made from a softer material will create more touch on your volleys. Being able to drop the shuttlecock in tight spaces or over your opponent’s head is a great reason improved materials can make a difference.
  • String Tension – Piggy backing off of touch is the ability to increase or decrease string tension. The face of the badminton racket will help make touch shots easier, but it will also allow you to make the hard power shots. String tension increases with better materials for string guts.

Having a better racket gives tons of boons that you might not think about. So instead, you should think about your game and the things that will benefit from using a much better racket.

If the intangibles are improved by spending a bit of cash, then you should get out there and search for the racket that makes you an undisputed champion of the badminton circuit.

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What is the Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Badminton Rackets?

The materials will be the most significant difference between cheap and expensive rackets. They are made from various materials, and each has a benefit that could help during the contest. So do your research and look for rackets that will improve the areas of your game and aren’t just a flashy name.

Some materials that might be used in expensive badminton rackets are:

  • Carbon Fiber – One of the densest and light materials on the planet is carbon fiber. It makes badminton rackets like tennis rackets that are hard to break and provide strength and speed to your game.
  • Tungsten – Another rare material used in making high-end badminton rackets is tungsten. It is a rare metal known for being light and highly durable. Unfortunately, some equipment containing tungsten pieces will cost a pretty penny.
  • Synthetic Gut – Strings on a badminton racket are made from gut string. When it comes to the more expensive models, synthetic gut string makes the racket able to produce more force or give more touch to the shuttlecock.

There have been some serious upgrades in the badminton racket department since you last played with the set you bought from Wal-Mart. Rackets are used at the professional level, and you should not think that a racket should cost around the same because you paid $40 for a cheap set. Expensive materials mean expensive items, even if it is a badminton racket.

Is Yonex Better Than Li Ning?

When it comes to two of the most well-known and trusted brands of badminton rackets, Yonex and Li Ning reign supreme. Their rackets are used by professionals and Olympic athletes to improve their games with different racket options and even special orders for the elite competitors.

Yonex is a Prominent Badminton Racket Company

When it comes to performance and a company you can rely on Yonex is a great choice. They make some of the most impressive badminton rackets in the world and also have quite the stable of comfy badminton shoes.

Some fantastic products made by Yonex are:

  • Rackets – Yonex is most well known for making rackets from Graphite. These badminton rackets, like the Arcsaber, are the chosen weapons of some of the most elite badminton champions in competition today.
  • Shoes – You wouldn’t think there would be much research placed into a badminton shoe, but the Power Cushion is one of the most thought-out shoes. It is made for the grueling back and forth of badminton and keeps your feet feeling like they are in the clouds.

Yonex makes good badminton gear and rackets for all types of play. Their impressive racket line favors the professional ranks as they are made from rigid graphite. The string face is responsive and has a touch that players love.

Li Ning is a Quality Badminton Racket Producer

Li Ning is a huge producer of several different types of sporting equipment. For example, their badminton line has a great host of products made from expensive materials and used by world and Olympic champions.

A few notable products made by Li Ning are:

  • Windstorm 300 – One of the most legendary badminton rackets on the market is the discontinued Windstorm 300. It is lightweight and has enough power to boom serves and destroy lingering volleys.
  • Men’s National Shoe – Something that isn’t discussed enough is how great the shoes are at Li Ning. They have a National model of shoes that are great for the most elite badminton players and the people who are just picking up the game.

Li Ning and Yonex are two of the best companies in badminton. One thing is for sure, Yonex has a higher concentration of badminton products while Li Ning produces sporting equipment for several different sports.

That being the case, Yonex has a clear advantage, but Li Ning is making strides to take their crown.

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How to Choose a Good Badminton Racket

Choosing a badminton racket can be complicated as several factors influence the decision. These things are based on the player’s qualities, size, and ability to play the game. In addition, each style of play and player can impact the decision.

The Ability of the Player is a Great Indicator of Racket Type

If you are a ranked professional badminton player, it would be crazy to think that you could find the racket at the local Piggly Wiggly. Elite players will need a racket that is high-end and made of expensive materials. These rackets are costly, and occasional players should choose something more affordable.

The types of rackets that each stage player should choose are:

  • Beginners – If you are a beginner at badminton, you should choose an inexpensive racket and light. It should be light to establish a firm base of quick strokes and rapid volleys to keep pace with the game.
  • Pro – The professional should choose a heavier badminton racket because it will give them more power on serves and allow them to use a mix of power and touch to return high volleys.

If you are a backyard enthusiast playing at the family reunion, the type of badminton racket you use could have no impact on how you play. The Professionals need high-end, durable equipment that can handle the amount of force applied.

How Much the Players can Afford is Another Factor in Choosing a Badminton Racket.

Another thing to consider when choosing a badminton racket is how much it will cost. The prices for rackets are going to vary based on how they are made and a few other factors that people might not consider.

A few reasons that badminton racket cost could impact the player are:

  • Scarcity – One of the main reasons badminton rackets are expensive is that they are hard to find. Most sporting goods stores in the United States concentrate on the sports with the most monetary demand, and badminton could be far down their list.
  • Demand – The demand for the items could be so small that they are specialty items. These specialty items can increase the prices because more work must be done to acquire them.

Most badminton players worldwide are local; in most cases, the games are played only for a few hours at a time. So choosing a cheap badminton racket could serve a short-term purpose but if the game becomes severe, then looking into an expensive racket isn’t a bad idea.

A Badminton Racket’s Balance is Critical in Choosing

You might not know it, but the balance point in badminton rackets is a considerable part of people’s preference. The different balance points have distinct advantages for the players that the backyard player might not encounter.

The different types of balance points in a badminton racket are:

  • Even-Balance – An even-balanced racket can combine power and finesse to present an agile approach to the game. The racket will balance on the handle and show that the head and handle are equally balanced.
  • Head-Heavy – When the head of the badminton racket leans downward, it signifies its power. A head-heavy racket is suitable for power shots and playing your game in the back half of the court.
  • Handle-Heavy – When the handle of the badminton racket is heaviest, the player relies on speed and finesse to score and defend. The weight means that most of the time, the player will be at the front of the net playing a fast defensive game.

The balance point of the badminton racket is more critical than most people know. This is because it favors three different styles of play, and each one showcases the best parts of the game. The balance points are also a great way to determine what type of play you like or that suits your body type.

The Flexibility of a Badminton Racket is Another Critical Aspect

Flexibility is an excellent way to determine what type of badminton racket you might need. However, the different types favor the stages of play, and if you don’t know what you are doing on the pitch, you might not know what flex of racket you need.

The different types of badminton racket flexibility are:

  • Stiff – A stiff flex badminton racket is for seasoned players who can produce force during their swings. The stiffness of the materials makes the racket great for hard hitters but could prove a burden for those just starting.
  • Flexible – The flexible shaft is the best option for new players. The slow-swing motion flexibility creates power that favors newer players and their slower swings. However, it would be a step back for a pro as their strength would force the racket to bend and not create enough force to drive the shuttlecock.

Badminton racket flexibility could be a critical factor for some players. For the newbie, having the racket helps them create force and speed, changing the game and making them competitive. On the other hand, a flexible racket could hamper the advanced swings of the pro, and they should use something stiffer to help control their power.


Badminton rackets come at different materials and prices. The most expensive rackets are favored by professionals and could be hard to use for the backyard player. The important thing is to know what you can spend on a racket and how much you will use it.

Several factors go into choosing a badminton racket. You should know what these factors are and their answers before you go out shopping for a new stick. Doing your homework puts you in a good spot to win matches or progress in a new sporting activity.

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