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Can You Put Above Ground Pool On Concrete? What To Know First

It’s expensive to install a pool, but there is an alternative for those who want to save some money. Above ground pools are excellent choices for swimming and provide the chance to enjoy the water without the expenses of a fixed pool. If you want an above ground pool, is it okay to put it on a concrete base?

You can safely install an above ground pool on concrete. Using concrete is preferred because it’s stable and level, but it doesn’t drain well and could cause rusting. Using a pool pad under the liner is suggested to prevent the liner wearing out from rubbing on the concrete.

If you’re interested in learning more about whether or not it’s a good idea to put an above ground pool on concrete, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about the best thing to put under an above ground pool, if it’s a good idea to set a pool on concrete, and everything else you should know.

What Is The Best Thing To Put Under An Above Ground Pool?

Many people set their pool on grass, but that’s not good. That will kill your grass, and the plants and dirt will dig into the material and cause unnecessary wear and tear to the bottom of your pool, which could cause leaks.

The best thing to put under your above ground pool is a concrete pad, but there are other options if it’s not feasible.

Here are a few additional options to put under your above ground pool:

  • Sand: This material is easy to move and provides a soft, malleable layer for the pool.
  • Pool pads: This product typically sits between the pool and a hard surface.
  • Floor underlayment: This fake floor permits a flashy and practical surface.
  • Interlocking tiles: These foam tiles serve as a soft platform under your pool and are easy to move from one spot to another.

Each item varies in cost and practicality for your yard. It’s up to you to determine the best choice for your above ground pool’s needs based on your yard, pets, and desired aesthetic. Though it may not seem like it, an above ground pool is a huge commitment!

Here’s a professional pool installers take on using a concrete pad:

Here’s a link to some Pool Accessories from Amazon and the highly recommended Sand Filter Pump to upgrade any above ground pool setup.

What Do You Put Under An Above Ground Pool On Concrete?

If you want to place your above ground pool on straight concrete, it’s possible. However, concrete is rigid and gets very warm in the summer months. For the best results, it’s ideal to put a softer layer between your above ground pool and the rigid concrete base to help it last as long as possible. Otherwise, you might experience melting or other wear and tear.

One ideal selection to go between the pool and concrete is a pool pad. A pool pad is a thick foam designed to serve as an additional layer between your pool and the concrete. It doesn’t absorb water, so you don’t have to worry about the accumulation of mold or other bacteria.

Here’s a link to some Pool Accessories from Amazon and the highly recommended Sand Filter Pump to upgrade any above ground pool setup.

A pool pad will also make the base squishier. If anyone slams against the floor, their feet will come in contact with the foam pad instead of the harsh concrete. It’s safer for children, teenagers, and adults alike. Don’t we all get a little aggressive playing mermaids?

It’s possible to use your pool on concrete without adding this base layer. However, it will impact the lifespan of the product and make the bottom uncomfortable if anyone jumps in with enough force. Keep your guests and pool in mind by placing a pad beneath the concrete and their feet.

Can You Put A Vinyl Pool On Concrete?

It is possible to place a vinyl pool on concrete. These pools are typically vinyl liner pools, meaning the pool is dug out in the ground and a vinyl liner goes across the surface. This process allows quick installation and ensures individuals will have a pool sooner rather than later.

If you would like, it’s possible to dig out the pool, line it with concrete, then put a vinyl liner on top. However, this process is much less practical. It’s possible, but it will be much more time-consuming. Anyone who needs a pool on short notice should avoid vinyl on concrete.

Is It Good To Put An Above Ground Pool On Concrete?

It’s an excellent idea to put an above ground pool on concrete. Not only is it one of the most popular choices for an above ground pool base, but it’s also one of the most practical.

Concrete is an excellent idea for an above ground pool. Concrete will benefit your pool by allowing it to:

  • Maintain stability while people swim inside, preventing collapse and other issues from occurring
  • Last longer than if placed on grass or dirt, stopping slips and growths
  • Prevent moisture buildup underneath the pool, limiting mold and fungi growth beneath the pool

If you have the opportunity, put your above ground pool on concrete. It will last much longer and will make the experience much more enjoyable for all. Concrete doesn’t cost too much, permitting easy access to a longer lifespan for your above ground pool.

Can An Above Ground Pool Be Installed On A Concrete Slab?

Maybe you have a yard entirely made of grass without a section of concrete in sight. Is it possible to create a concrete slab to set your pool on?

An above ground pool can be installed on a concrete slab. Adding a concrete slab to your yard is one of the more expensive options for an above ground pool to sit on but it will be more stable and level than sand, dirt, or other forms of padding.

Final Thoughts

Concrete is an excellent choice to provide a base for your above ground pool. It will allow stability and ensure your pool lasts for a long time. If you don’t want to use concrete, you can also try sand, pool pads, floor underlayment, and interlocking foam tiles.

However, be warned that concrete is the thing that will offer the most even platform for your above ground pool to sit on. Foam and sand may not be as level. The best idea would be to use concrete and then add the foam pads!

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