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Can Badminton Make You Taller? What To Focus On

Growing up, you may have heard elders talking about natural ways to make their children and grandchildren taller. Believe it or not, some families worldwide have their own thoughts on the matter. Some believe all the traditional suggestions that are handed down for generations, while others do not. But what is the truth? Can a sport such as badminton make you taller?

As a general rule, if you are under the age of 20, badminton can help you grow taller. While you are still in your growing years, the growth plates are still open to elongating. The physical activities with the sport stretch the growth plates, giving you a little more height.

It sounds a little bit crazy when you think about it, but on the other hand, it has been shown that children that grow up being active are much healthier. They are taller, thinner, and stronger than children that play on their gaming systems all day. If you want to know how this is possible, keep on reading.

How Can Badminton Make You Taller?

There are medical experts that agree, badminton, or any other sport, can help you grow taller. Even though the medical industry has made huge strides in what they can and can’t do, there is not a substantial amount of evidence, however.

So, the question still remains whether badminton can make you taller or not. There are a handful of obvious reasons to make a case for sports helping you to grow. So, let’s take a look at why this is the case.

  • Running Around the Badminton CourtExtreme movements, such as what is required when playing a good badminton match, will help stretch the body. This means your muscles, tendons, and bones are stretched to their limits.
  • Bending and Squatting – These two movements will also help you become more flexible and looser. As long as you are active, your bones will not be compacted into masses of bone and muscle.
  • Stretching To Hit the Birdie – As with the other points discussed above, when you stretch yourself out to hit the birdie, your body becomes looser, making you longer. Being longer means that you are taller than you usually would be.
  • Jumping For Height – Jumping up into the sky to keep the volley going is a great way to stretch your bones and expand your growth plates. An expanding plate increases your height, so jump, jump, and jump again.

Considering all of the above, badminton has the potential to help you grow taller. There is no proof that it is solely attributed to badminton, but millions of children cannot be wrong. Those kiddos that took the time to play badminton as they grew have found that they have increased their height over the years.

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Is There Any Scientific Proof That Badminton Makes You Taller?

Many people worldwide do not believe what they see with their own eyes unless they can prove it is accurate. Scientific proof is what these people want to see. But unfortunately, badminton has no proven benefits to your height, which may mean there is no way to get taller. Let’s take a look at some medical information that can show otherwise.

Bone Growth From Badminton

Bones begin growing (source) from the time that you are in the womb. They continue to grow throughout your adolescent years, stopping somewhere between 18 and 20 years old. Many things can help your bones grow taller, such as the high-energy sport of badminton.

Tendon Growth From Badminton

Recent discoveries have shown that tendons are not static (source) as once thought. In fact, they can adapt to the type of physical activity that you do. When working them hard, they will rip slightly, then repair themselves. This makes the tendons grow longer and taller.

Muscle Growth From Badminton

You know without a shadow of a doubt that muscles can grow. You have seen it with people that lift weights. The medical side of it is simple: you strain muscles and cause small tears. The tears are repaired by adding muscle (source), making them grow stronger and longer.

As you grow, your bones are pliable and able to grow.

  • So now that you know how bones grow, you need to look at the growth patterns of muscles and tendons.
  • When you strain them to the point of tearing, you have caused them to grow longer, and they will naturally repair themselves as long as you do not overdo things.
  • With this information, you could make the point that you are growing taller as you lengthen your muscles.

Now the three vital areas of your body can be put together, like they are, and see if the statement that there is no medical proof to support that badminton cannot help you get taller. Let’s look at the facts. Bones grow until you hit your late teens.

Muscles and tendons can grow until you get to your forties. So when you combine these proven growth patterns with some serious exercise, such as badminton, you can see that it is a scientific way to increase your height.

Final Thoughts

The argument will continue long past the time you are reading this article. The facts speak for themselves, though, even though the experts claim that there is no scientific proof that badminton makes you taller.

  • But you can see from above that the growing process can be manipulated the way you want it to.
  • You will obviously not be able to gain a substantial amount of height because your genes have a say in how tall you are.
  • But you can push your body to the limits while you are in the adolescent growth stage.

After that, nothing will help. So to put this argument to rest, you will gain height by playing badminton until you reach the end of your growth period. From there, badminton will not help you grow taller. So if you want to see gains in your height, you must do it before it is too late.

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