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What is the Best Chain for a Swing Set? With Pros and Cons

With all the options available, picking the right chains for your swing set can seem like a daunting task. What makes one set of chains better than another and what exactly is the best chain on the market?

The best swing set chains will be fully coated to protect the chain from wear and the elements. The chain should also be adjustable and long lasting to be useful to growing children and not need replacing. A quick link attachment will make the chain easier to use and less likely to be grown out of.

If you’d like an in depth review of what makes or breaks a chain for your swing set, we’ve got you covered. We’ll start by breaking down what exactly makes for a good chain before surveying options ranging from low cost, decent quality chains to high cost, high quality chains.

What Makes a Good Chain?

There are a number of factors that go into what makes a good chain, starting with the materials it is made from and ranging to whether or not the links are plated and the chain is coated. This will also determine how long the chain will last and how pleasant it will be for the user.

Swing set chains are plated and coated to protect quality and ensure a decent grip for the user.

The best swing set chains we could find on Amazon are the Playkids 85″ Fully Coated Chains. These chains are fully coated, made from some of the best materials, and just the right length for any use.

Having a coating is important because of the way it protects the links from ware due to excess moisture and sun exposure. Coatings can also reduce the likelihood that a person’s fingers will get pinched between the links when they are using it.

The chains that come with the Most Popular Swing Sets available will give you a good idea of what to look for.

Low Cost Swing Set Chain

Believe it or not, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get a decent swing set chain. The following chain will save you a little money without too many sacrifices to quality.

Nannday Swing Chain, Plastic Coated Swing Chain

The Nannaday Sing Chain is about as inexpensive as it gets while still maintaining a decent level of quality.

Despite its low price, this set of chains are fully coated and both water and rust resistant, making it a great fit to any backyard swing set. But you will need to get your own quick hooks if you want that option.


  • Made from sturdy materials: The chain itself is made of iron, while the coating around it is plastic. It’s always recommended that you look for a chain with some kind of coating when you’re applying it to a children’s swing set. This is because it protects them from being pinched, provides a grip and extends the life of the chain itself. 
  • Waterproof: This is particularly important for outdoor swingsets. With this chain you won’t have to worry that it’s taking damage during rain.
  • Rust Resistant: Rusty chains not only decrease the visual appeal of your swing set, but they can also be dangerous for kids to play around.


  • Coating can get hot in the sun: While it’s better than nothing, plastic alone isn’t necessarily the best coating to use during a really hot sunny day. Your children should be aware that if it’s really hot out the chain may also be a little hot to the touch.
  • Only comes with one chain: This could be a pro, if you’re just looking to replace one chain. However, if you need to replace multiple chains, you’ll have to buy more than one of these to get the job done.
  • Short in length: Though this chain is made from fairly solid materials, it isn’t the longest chain in the world. It comes in at around 5 ft in length. This isn’t a problem if you have a small swing set, but if you have a tall one or small children, this may be an issue.

Medium Cost Swing Set Chain

This is the range where most people will be looking to buy their chains. The medium price range is just right for a lot of people because you don’t make as many sacrifices to quality, but you also don’t have to break the bank.

The following chains are almost half the price of the high-cost swing set chains, but they are almost of the same quality.

Playkids 40″ Fully Coated Chains

The Playkids 40” Fully Coated Chains are fantastic for anyone that wants to save a buck without sacrificing quality. There are several pros and only a few cons when it comes to taking this route for your DIY swing set.


  • Fully coated, great materials: These chains are fully coated plastisol and each of the links is plated with zinc to protect them and the user.
  • Comes with free quick links: What’s better than getting a freebie? Getting two freebies. With these chains, you’ll also receive two complimentary quick links to help attach them to your swing set. 
  • Water and rust resistant: If you look at the reviews for these chains on amazon, you’ll notice that a lot of individuals praise them for the fact that they haven’t rusted or taken water damage after a long period of time. This is because many chains that claim to be water and rust-resistant only make good on that promise for a short period.


  • Shorter in length: While 40” is nothing to complain about, it isn’t the most length that these swing set chains could have. Though on the plus side, the length you use is adjustable so you can change it over time as your children grow. 
  • Relatively low Weight Limit: The weight limit is only 250lbs. While this is by no means a horrible weight limit, it could be higher. 

High-Cost Swing Set Chain

Sometimes you just want to invest in the top quality because you know that it’ll save you money in the long run. The following chains are a bit pricey, but they are made from some of the best materials and have nothing but glowing reviews.

Playkids 85″ Fully Coated Chains

Though you’ll be spending a little bit more on the Playkids 85″ Fully Coated Chains, you’ll still be getting a lot of bang for your buck. Not only are these chains made from some of the best materials available, but they are also fully coated and extremely flexible in length.


  • Fully Coated: Some chains are only coated in the lower half where the user is expected to grip them. While chains like that certainly perform their function, they usually end up having issues with rust and other damage far earlier than chains like this which are fully coated.
  • Made from high-quality materials: These chains are coated with plastisol over zinc plated links. This high-quality material ensures that the chains are less likely to break under pressure or sustain damage from outdoor use.
  • Solid adjustable length available: While there’s nothing particularly wrong with shorter chains when you’ve got small children, having swing set chains with that extra length allows you to adjust them and use them for much longer periods of time.
  • Available in multiple colors: While this is perhaps the most superficial pro on this list, having different color options is great for making sure that your swing set adds to the look of your backyard instead of just sitting in it.


  • 250 lb Weight Limit: While this weight limit isn’t likely to be a huge deal, it definitely isn’t the highest on the market. There are many other chains that have a weight limit almost double this one.

So, What Actually is the Best Chain for a Swing Set?

Depending on your price range you can either take the safest route and buy a top quality set of chains like the Playkids 85″ Fully Coated Chains, or you can take the route that saves some money and buy the Nannday Swing Chain.

Either way, you’re looking for a chain that has plated links, is fully coated, and has a length and weight limit just right for your individual needs. With all the options available the only question left is which will you try for your next DIY project?

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