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Top Three Deepest Above-Ground Pools with Quality Ratings

Above-ground pools are an inexpensive way to bring some relief to the summer heat. They come in different shapes and sizes, but getting one deep enough requires you to search for them by height. So what are the three deepest above-ground pools with quality ratings?

Shopping for anything these days can be overwhelming because there are so many options, and only a few fit your requirements. But don’t be intimidated by convenience! Read on and learn the top three deepest above-ground pools with quality ratings.

The Deepest Above-Ground Pools with Quality Ratings

A few models of pools stand head and shoulders above the rest. The pools with sparkling, quality ratings are often in the 52” inch class and around the same price point. These lower price points allow for more units to be in circulation, and there is a significant rating score.

Intex is Known for Making Quality Pools

One of the leading names in the above-ground and inflatable market is Intex. Their Ultra XTR is one of the most highly rated models on the internet.

It is 18ft x 9ft x 52in and made from high-quality plastic with thick skin. In addition, it comes in rectangular and round shapes, allowing for more diverse yard placement.

Check the price for the Intex Ultra XTR Here from Amazon.

Bestway is a Top Rated Model Above-Ground Pool

Bestway Power Steel is a rectangular-shaped pool that is 31’ 4” x 16’ x 52” and reinforced with high-quality steel.

The liner is held up with an easy-to-use frame made with UV-coated steel that is rust-resistant and anti-corrosive.

Its chemical make–up saves room over traditional models, and when summer is over, you can pack it away until next year.

Check the price for the Bestway Power Steel Here from Amazon.

Summer Waves Makes an Excellent Pool

Summer Waves is a little-known company that makes its liners with a woven triple-layer, polyester mesh that can take a beating from the elements and keep your pool intact.

In addition, their cleaning and chemical maintenance are easy; everything you need to keep your pool clean and ready comes with their pools.

Check the price for the Summer Waves Pool Here from Amazon.

Shopping for an Above-Ground Pool

Some things must be considered when shopping for above-ground pools. One of the most notable is choosing a size for your pool and an accommodating shape. Make sure you measure your space and the area is level before beginning your search, or you could find yourself with a pool that doesn’t fill correctly.

The Height will Equal the Depth.

The number you are looking for when choosing a deeper pool is the height. It is often expressed as three numbers with an ‘x’ between them. For example, some of the pools with quality ratings are 18 x 9 x 52. These dimensions are critical, and you can match the pool with the yard by paying attention to them.

The most common heights of above-ground pools are as follows:

  • 48” or Four Feet – The most common above-ground pool depth is four feet. The 48” pool is deep enough to allow the adults to swim and shallow enough that uneasy swimmers can navigate it confidently. Four feet pools are some of the most bought models as they are affordable and easy to pack away.
  • 52” or Four Feet Four Inches – A step up from the 48”, the 52” is going to cost a bit more and will have four additional inches of depth. These pools will carry more water and have dense poles that could require reinforcement. These will be harder to take down and will have a much higher price than a four-footer.
  • 54” or Four and a Half Feet – There are pools deeper than the 54,” but they are often stretched beyond the factory recommendations or custom liners with a shallow and deep end. These pools will require lots of flat, solid earth and a bevy of support poles and attachments.

Depth isn’t critical in the above-ground pool industry. Instead, they are interested in creating pools that are easily movable or sturdy enough to weather a cold winter. In addition, they must make a liner that can handle the weight of the water, and a taller pool means more water.

The Shape is Another Critical Component of an Above-Ground Pool

The shape of your yard will determine the shape of your pool. In the end, there could be nearby fences or other properties that will not allow your pool to extend beyond them. Knowing the shapes gives you an idea of what works best for your property.

Some of the most common shapes for above-ground pools are:

  • Round – The round pool is one of the most common. It fits in most yards and can range in circumference from ten feet to over twenty feet in some models. Round pools often have a large metal circle similar to a trampoline that encases the liner at the top and a series of rails that reinforce the sides.
  • Rectangular – The rectangular shape is suitable for long skinny yards and often has a series of reinforced rails along the sides to give the pool its form. The rectangular pool shape is less typical but has benefits that the round pool does not.

The shape of your pool will be a large determinant of how deep it is. While both figures are available in 54” depths, some models sell better than others, and their quality rating is more accurate. In the end, the shape of your pool will be determined by your yard and your available space.

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The deepest above-ground pools can reach about eight feet, but they are often shallow-end pools that require digging. The most common depth people choose between 48” and 54”.

These pools have quality ratings with a bevy of reviews from satisfied customers. A company with a quality name and high-performance liner is essential for above-ground pools.

The shape will be one of the most critical factors in determining which pool works with your yard. Round and rectangular are the most common shapes available, and they can be from ten to thirty feet across, depending on the model.

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