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We have a simple portable basketball hoop that I roll to the end of the driveway and store in the backyard when we’re done with it. There are also permanent basketball hoops you could consider if you have the space for one.

Portable Basketball Hoop

This is the cheap quick option and probably the one that will work for most people. I recommend the Lifetime Portable Basketball System (link to Amazon) to most people. This hoop has a 48″ shatterproof backboard and adjust from 8 feet up to 10 feet. With a classic rim and nylon net, this your traditional driveway basketball hoop.

Permanent Basketball Hoop

If you’re a little more serious about basketball and have the space (and money) to install a permanent basketball hoop, I suggest the Silverback 60″ In Ground Basketball Hoop (link to Amazon). This is a gymnasium style backboard and hoop setup with a solid performance record. It’s going to cost you a whole lot more than the portable hoop above, but this is the real deal.

Wall Mount Basketball Hoop

This is mostly used over a garage for playing in the driveway. Although, this can be great for on the side of the house or on a wall next to a playing area. I recommend the Silverback NXT 54″ Wall Mounted Adjustable-Height Basketball Hoop (link to Amazon) if you plan on going this route.

Basketball Re-bounder

This is a handy Ball Return Training Aid found on Amazon that can help speed up your training. It basically returns the ball to you every time you make a shot. It hooks to most basketball hoops, and will eliminate you needing to run up to the hoop to retrieve your ball every time you make a basket.

Although I like this ball return, and it’s cheap (around $13), it will only return the ball to you if you make a shot. If you want something that will return even missed shots to you, you will need a shot trainer.

Shot Trainer

This Basketball Shot Trainer (link to Amazon) is a bit pricey, but will return even missed shots to you. This is the ultimate way to keep your time spent training to a maximum. Other than having someone stand under the hoop and rebound for you, this is the best way to go.


I’ve used cheap basketball before, and they don’t last long, aren’t made from quality material, and don’t act like a basketball is supposed to. In my opinion, it’s worth the couple bucks to just get a good quality ball to practice and play with.

For an indoor/outdoor basketball, I recommend this Spalding NBA Zi/O Indoor-Outdoor 29.5″ Basketball (link to Amazon). This ball is the official NBA size and weight and is designed to be used indoor and outdoor.

For an indoor use only ball, I recommend the Wilson Evolution Game Basketball on Amazon. This is the number one indoor basketball in America, the company boasts that this ball is on more courts than any other basketball.