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There are a couple ways you could set up a tether ball set. We went with the portable option, but if you have space you can designate to tetherball, I would go with the permanent installation set.

Portable Tetherball Set

Kids love playing tetherball on the portable set. I can just roll it out into the middle of the yard, and they’ll be busy for hours with it. I recommend the Lifetime Portable Tetherball System (link to Amazon). This set comes with a regulation size tetherball (8 inch), 2″ round pole, nylon cord, portable round base, pump, and needle. Everything you need to be up and playing tetherball in no time.

Permanent Tetherball Set

For a permanent tetherball court, I recommend the BSN Outdoor Tetherball Set (link to Amazon). There are other options out there that are a little cheaper. But this set will last longer than any of those. If you’re planning on having a permanent setup, go with the best. This set comes with a 12 foot pole. You have to permanently install the pol two feet into the ground. When installed properly, this set is solid. The set also comes with the top eye, rope, and tetherball. Everything needed to setup and play tetherball.